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О времени смерти спросите у... геновProbably, many were caught link: "get to Know the date of his death!" The authors of such forecasts by various characteristics, including date of birth, place of residence and the way of life of a man, tell him when he should die. It is hardly necessary to treat this seriously, but that's the estimated time of death is really possible to predict. On genes.

Recently Dr. Andrew lim medical center Beth Israel in Boston and his colleagues, working on genetic characteristics that indicate an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease, discovered the variation of genes affecting biological clock so strong that allows you to determine what time of day people will die.

In the study, which was initiated 15 years ago, was attended by 1,200 people over the age of 65. They gave special bracelets, committed a change of sleep and wakefulness. Subsequently, all patients had decoded genomes, and scientists have discovered near the genome Period 1 single nucleotide ("block" DNA molecules), the basis of which the "larks" - people who are used early to rise and early to bed, is adenine (A), and "cos" - those who sleep late and goes after midnight - guanine (G).

Every person possesses one of the three genotypes AA, GG or AG. People with a genetic combination AA Wake up in the middle on the hour, and with AG - half an hour earlier than individuals with genotype GG. While 48 percent of people are born with mixed genotype, 36 percent are "them", 16 percent "owls". And since everything in the body are interconnected, the time of our death is also determined by the biorhythms, which are incorporated in the genes.

So, having analyzed the death of volunteers in the 15 years that have passed since the beginning of the experiment, the experts found that people with the AA genotype or AG usually die shortly before 11 o'clock in the morning, and with genotype GG - shortly before 18 PM. "Internal clock regulates many aspects of human biology and behaviour. They also affect the timing of the onset of stroke and heart attack" - comments Andrew lim. According to scientists, the results of the research can be applied in practice: knowing the genotype of the patient, the doctors will be able to determine the optimal time for various procedures, and to develop the schedule of medication.

And how is it to be with the exact date of death? This study, of course, cannot be calculated. But experts suggest that our death are genetically determined. So, our genotype we inherit from our parents, accordingly, they give us the susceptibility to particular diseases, which eventually can cause death. It is also noticed that close relatives sometimes die at approximately the same time but in different years).

And there are times when, say, a mother and daughter, father and son, brothers or sisters are born and die in the same day. No mysticism in it there is all the genes that control our life cycle. Maybe someday genetics will learn to predict not only time, but also directly day, month and year when the man is destined to die. Here only do we really want to know?

However, still unlikely to be named exact date. Rather, we will specify the periods of maximum risk to health when you should be careful. And it is possible that this will enable us to live longer than "prescribe" genes.
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