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Веды про Конец СветаIn two words: the end of the world will not soon, and certainly not worth it to wait in December 2012 year, although major disasters and other troubles is not excluded.

First a few words about the Vedas. The Vedas are the most ancient knowledge, the most ancient Scriptures, the remnants of which are preserved in India and Russia. At one time the Earth was only one knowledge - Veda, and only one spiritual culture - Vedic. In the Vedic Scriptures provide the answer, in fact, on all questions, including questions about the end of the world.

The end of the world is inevitable, because the life has its cycles and moving "in the circle". It's like night and day in day - one replaces the other, endlessly repeating, or, the best example, as a change of four seasons. Spring is the beginning of a new life, summer is the Prime of life, autumn - maturity, and winter is dying. And then again the new birth, and so on indefinitely.

The existence of the universe, according to the Vedas, is also cyclical, and there are four periods, which alternate with each other like the seasons.

The first age is called Satya Yuga (Golden age, the best time), the second - Treta Yuga (too bad life), then comes the Dvapara Yuga and, finally, our age - Kali Yuga - the final stage of creation at the end of which the world will end, the complete destruction of the universe and the death of all people.

Kali Yuga is the century of spiritual degradation, characterized by the decline of morality and also called the century of strife, the duration of which 432 thousand years. Kali Yuga began on 5 thousand years ago, and end, respectively, through 427000 years, when degradation will peak, ending by the end of the world.

As you can see, two news, one good - that doomsday will not take place very soon, and the second is bad - because there is nothing good isn't waiting for us. But there is the third news, very good, about which little later.

The predictions of the Vedas about the End of the world

Those who studied the Vedas say that there is such a section predictions called Bhavishya Purana, and as if all that was predicted, still came true - that the predictions about the coming of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and predictions about the collapse of the mighty Empire (USSR), as well as reports that people with yellow skin, will fill the whole world with the technology of its production. Given that all predicted in the Vedas come to pass exactly, it is concluded that the predictions of the Vedas about the End of the world is also not subject to doubt.

Before proceeding to the Vedic description of what will be the end of the world, a few words about the times in which we live.

In Padma Purana says that Kali Yuga is the era of sinful activity, when people reject spirituality, shoplifting, gambling, strongly linked to sex and drink drinks, paracaima mind.

In Brahmanda Purana describes the main characteristics of our age - lying, cheating, jealousy, cruelty, destruction of moral and religious standards, as well as fear, hunger and deadly disease.

In the texts Narada Purana says that before the end of the world people will become conceited, will be engaged in self-praise and try to rise by belittling others.

Vayu Purana says that women no longer interested in religion, will become addicted to wine and meat. Being prone to outbursts of anger, people will engage in violence. Without hesitation people will kill children in the womb.

In the Vedas is predicted that the degradation process before the end of the world will continue for many thousands of years, and humanity gradually return to a simple stone tools, as will lose their material inventions (very probable war or large disasters). Thus, all achieve material progress will be destroyed and lost.

It took only 5 thousand years since the beginning of Kali-Yuga, but we can already see how the predictions for our century is coming true before our eyes. The end of Kali-Yuga, or the final stage of degradation, which will culminate with the end of the world, is also described in the Vedas, but it is so terrible that it is better not to think about it.

The predictions of the Vedas about the end of the world beyond the boundaries of logic, because our age, Kali Yuga, the last age in cosmic cycle, carrying spiritual degradation, cannot lead to anything better than the end of the world, the destruction of degraded civilization.

How will the End of the world

At the end of the last age (Kali Yuga), when spiritual degradation reaches its climax, the Lord Kalki is one of the aspects of God the Supreme Punishment), the embodiment of destruction, and will destroy all evil (in fact, it is the end of the world), then begin a new cycle of creation, Satya-Yuga, the age of gold. Read more about how will the end of the world, can be found in the Vedic Scriptures.

And now the good news is that man by nature is the soul or pure consciousness, which is not sensitive time, never born and will never die, despite the birth and dying bodies that are external to the soul of material shells. More information can be found in the article "the True nature of the soul" and to see the movie.

As for the evil influence of Kali-Yuga, forcing to suffer and spiritually deteriorate, from under this influence can be out doing spiritual practice whose purpose is self-knowledge, knowledge of the laws of life and of God, and the relations of the soul with God. And this is also good news.

Individual doomsday

The death of the body, which is inevitable, - is a kind of individual doomsday for each person. And the more a person identifies himself with the material body, the more painful for him the thought of death.

Lack of understanding of its true nature, the nature of the soul, which brings you to the suffering throughout his life, and before his death this suffering can grow. The way out of this unpleasant situation is self-knowledge. When there is a deep spiritual understanding that the material cover will die, and I, as a consciousness, will continue their eternal existence, in other bodies or worlds, no end of the world was no longer feared. To gain this understanding, we need, as a rule, a spiritual practice.
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