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Тайна гробницы египетской принцессы озадачила ученыхThe newly discovered tomb of an ancient Egyptian Princess is a mystery that has puzzled archaeologists. Scientists are trying to figure out why the tomb of Princess Chert NELTI is at a distance of about one kilometre from the graves of other members of her family.

The tomb was built approximately in 2500 BC in the area of Abu Sir, to the South of the Egyptian capital Cairo.
Preliminary date facilities, based on the depth of the grave, and the analysis of names, says that it was created in the second half of V dynasty.
The Czech team of scientists was surprised to find her in the southern part of the Abu Sir, as most of the family members of the fifth Royal dynasty were buried at the distance of about one kilometre to the North, in the center of the necropolis, or further South at Saqqara.

Excavations continue, and scientists are still not sure whether to keep the remains of the Chert Nabti inside the tomb. On the North and West walls of the tombs were built of limestone blocks, and its southern wall was cut into the rock. The Eastern wall was built of limestone blocks and staircase of limestone plates stretched from North to South. Four limestone pillar initially supported roofing blocks, but over time partially collapsed.

On the South side there are hieroglyphic inscriptions carved the name of the Princess and the epitaph, which the Czech team of scientists interpreted as "the Body of the Chert NELTI, daughter of king worshipped before the Great God."

The Czech team of scientists also dug corridor in the South-East, which leads from four other tombs. Two graves belonged to the high-ranking officials with the words "Big advocate of the law" and "Inspector officers of the Palace".

Scientists from the Czech Republic currently continue to explore the site and are expected to amazing discoveries.
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