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NASA решило покорить обратную сторону ЛуныNASA seriously think about how to send astronauts in the vicinity of our natural satellite, and, most likely, will make public their plans now, after the election of President Barack Obama, at least so say the experts.

The space Agency has long cherished plans related to the creation of Outpost with the crew at the point, which is located on the back side of the moon, how to create first base with people in deep space and to prepare for a manned visit on the asteroid, which is scheduled for 2025.

And new plans may already have been agreed with the Obama administration, but was kept secret in case, if the election victory won MITT Romney.

According to the statement made on the site space.com NASA plans to establish a base in Lagrange point L2 in the system the earth-the Moon. At this point, is balanced by the gravitational interaction of two bodies, so here it is possible to Park the space ships. In addition, the L2 in the system of the Earth-Moon can be applied for satellite communication services with objects that are located on the back of a natural satellite of Earth, for petrol stations, which could provide the traffic between the earth and the Moon. At this moment at this point are devices: WMAP, the space telescope, Herschel.

Note: points of lirli or L-point - point in the system of two bodies, where the third body does not feel the influence of any other forces except gravity, from the first two bodies, and can remain stationary with respect to these phone

The project EML2 (Earth-moon L2) can start work in 2021.

Lori Engraver (Lori in Moscow), Deputy head of NASA, at a conference in September, said: "We're going back to the moon, will try to send the first manned mission to the asteroid, however, are actively developing the plans, connected with sending Americans to Mars"

It remains to wait for official confirmation NASA above mentioned plans.
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