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"Ветреность" сохраняет богомолам жизньSome of us like to arrange a rendezvous with the sun, and some fine drizzling rain seems more romantic. But males Chinese Bogomolov for "amorous Affairs" prefer extremely windy weather. It was then that they have much more likely to remain alive and healthy after mating with aggressive and murderous females.

As we know, love mantis very short, and the result of it, as a rule, one female eats the male mating. The sight of this, I say, not for the faint of heart: you can often see how the male has already severed head nevertheless still continues to fertilize their bloodthirsty girlfriend. However, we cannot say that he dies in vain - learned female additional nutrients will promote the rapid development of cubs.

Also it is wrong to think, as if all mantises male end their life in such a sad way. Observations of scientists has shown that quite often males go to subterfuge. For example, patristically Bogomolov (Iris polystictica) Chevalier, only seeing the lady of his heart, slowly, stopping and sinking to chase after it. The female is engaged in their usual business: hunting, eating prey, or just to clean. But when she noticed boyfriend and turn in his direction the head as he quickly fades and for a long time, not moving. Interestingly, a similar approach with "roundabout maneuvers ' could last five or six hours.

It was also noted that most male approaches to the DOE in the back, with the back - it threatens him the least trouble. And when pairing completes, it is very smartly retires. As you can see, excellent speed of reaction, ingenuity and careful often preserve the life and health of the six-legged philanderer. But if the gentleman suddenly make a mistake and go to the side, the female immediately attacked him. And in this case he may not even have time to fertilize her.

In addition, it was observed that's aggression only hungry female. If a formidable hunter is full, you anywhere you approached her admirer, it does not show the bloodthirsty manners. And in this case, the male can not hurry to leave after mating, the female is not to pursue it.

As for mating behaviour of representatives of that group Bogomolov as Empusa (family Empusidae), they females and males often do not show each other no aggression. Here's what he wrote about the reproduction of individuals Empusa pauperata famous naturalist Jean Henri Fabre: "...Quarrels and mutual eating here is completely unknown. Unknown also terrible love. Male here persistent, diligent and long achieves reciprocity. For several days he cares for her friend, before you succeed.

Spouse after peacefully removed and taken for their small hunting doin ' without the risk of being eaten by his wife. Then both sexes live in the world, indifferent to each other until mid July. Then aged male cools to everything, 't hunt anymore, walking staggering and, gradually descending from the top of the hood, falls to the ground and dies".

So, as you can see, not all females Bogomolov so bloodthirsty, as some people think. At the same time, even at a very aggressive types of these insects, which, for example, is living in the forests of South-East Asia Chinese mantis (Tenodera sinensis), males often save his life, showing his wit and intelligence. Recently Japanese entomologists from kinki University found that gentlemen, in order to avoid attacks females, go to it by shaking from the wind the leaves, so that she did not feel their steps. The same tactic mantises are used for hunting, trying to quietly steal up to the victim. It turns out that for them the best weather for mating is windy.

Watching these cute insects, scientists have found that Chinese mantis male, going to the DOE, always waiting for when the wind blows. If the yard is calm, then the male never dare to come close to his beloved. And he needs it now for something on trembling leaves and branches of their approach is not so noticeable, and the female has no advantages in the attack.

Through a series of experiments, biologists also found that, in fact, by itself, the wind there was absolutely nothing to do with this. Experiments have shown that if the leaves on which there was a male, were stationary, the female was still see him from afar, with the wind or without. But when scientists in the absence of wind (which in laboratory conditions provided fan) was just beginning to tremble branch, the beautiful dangerous serdtseedki (although in the case Bogomolov, perhaps I should say, mosqueda) again ceased to notice speecheso to her on the wings of love boyfriend.

The researchers also found that those gentlemen, who preferred to start a love game in windy weather, acted faster and faster reached the desired goal, while remaining unharmed. And here is the end of those who dared to approach the lady, when there was no wind, was usually very frustrating. In this regard, entomologists have a question - how males "guessed" that wind is their ally in love Affairs?

Monitor Chinese mantises in the wild showed that both males and females prefer to hunt it in windy weather. Creeping to the company's production shaking from the wind sheet, they become absolutely imperceptible, and this increases their chances for a successful outcome of the hunt. So, apparently, the Chinese males Bogomolov in the process of evolution just guessed apply to the process of reproduction of an old, tried and tested hunting strategy.

So, as you see, sometimes hunting skills can help to win the heart of beautiful ladies. And most do not lose your head...
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