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Коричневые карлики танцуют вальсOur Solar system is one of the Central shining of the Sun. However, in the Universe double stars as the Central gravitating bodies meet as often as the only one! And recently received a sensational data about one of such systems, the existence of which was considered impossible, from the point of view of the theory of star formation.

Infrared telescope United Kingdom (United Kingdom Infra-Red Telescope), Hawaii, serves to obtain data on double stars. Particularly interesting among them are four pairs such double stars, mutual rotation which is committed with surprising scientists fast! Less than four hours they make their circular motion around each other. Their coronal magnetic fields can interact, and this electromagnetic interaction should be affected in a certain way on the physical parameters of their movement. Such speculation has arisen at astrophysicists when they started the analysis found the pair of stars.

Previously assumed that the orbits of these objects can be volatile, and the distance between a pair of stars must be very large to the existence of these couples was stable. When were identified dual system with a period of about five hours, their parameters are considered marginal for such objects. But with the help of new data infrared telescope, scientists have discovered four double star system, circulation period of less than four hours!

Among them the most rapidly rotating system is 19b-3-06008. It consists of two stars are red dwarfs, spectral class M4 with a surface temperature of about 3 150 K and period of rotation 0,1121 days, less than three hours! The mass of these space crumbs is estimated as of 0.15-0.25 mass of the Sun. Turn they at a very small distance from each other - probably between them a few million miles!

Information about such binary systems do not conform to the models of formation of double stars. Was considered, that the process of star formation is not possible for objects that are in such close proximity, just because they ' star cocoons" in the process of formation lights are much larger sizes. The substance of protostars could unite in education one star, not a pair.

It turns out that "close pair" red dwarfs could be formed only when their convergence was happening in slow motion, with the loss of angular momentum and slow axial rotation. This slowing down through the known mechanisms - at the expense of the mass loss from the stellar wind, can last for an extremely long time.

Electromagnetic nature of convergence of double stars proposed astrophysicists to explain the loss of angular momentum rapidly rotating dwarfs. Their interaction coronal magnetic fields may be a specific "brake", due to the presence of which stars-dwarfs will not only slow down the axial rotation, but will draw near to each other! Such magnetic fields of stars-dwarfs have fancy structure, they quickly transformed into the dynamics of the General magnetic field of a particular star. And their transformations are accompanied "flare" phenomena.

Rapid mutual rotation double dwarfs around the center of mass must be the trajectory of a Contracting spiral. Gradually the distance between the "going places" stars will be reduced... it is Not excluded that cosmic cataclysm Association of binary stars in a single unit will happen in the finale of their cosmic waltz.

It should be noted that the dynamics of the crown of our Sun subject to known laws during solar cycles. In the lows cycles crown becomes flat and close to the plane of the solar equator. The maximum whimsical organized corona is visible around the entire disk of the Sun. The solar corona is not outraged by third-party sources, it varies only through their own Heliophysical processes. However, our star will also undergo transformation into a white dwarf six billion years.

The future "going places" double stars may be more dramatic, and their star life is more concise. Although the dwarfs and are recognized star centenarians in the Universe, but the conditions of their neighborhood with analogues can accelerate their transformation. Apparently, astronomers now visible promising task is to observe the final convergence of double stars!

It is also possible that he is somewhere now. Data about this event yet available, but in the near future can be detected. At the same time it should be noted that this important astrophysical problems are quite ironic aspect is really really close proximity reduces star life stars-dwarfs, which are considered to be the most durable types of stars in the galactic open spaces?
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