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Об этих огромных птицах рассказывают легенды...About these huge birds tell legends, it would seem that this is a purely mythical creatures, do not have any connection with reality, however, a number of facts proves just the opposite - thunder-birds is not fiction, they actually sometimes appear in the sky and sometimes they present to the people the real danger.

In the ancient legends of the North American Indians often mentioned some flying supernatural creatures called the thunder-birds. When they flapped, thunder, and they have only to close my eyes, as there is a flash of lightning. Of course, the connection of these birds with thunder and lightning is an exaggeration, but many cryptozoology sure that the legends about these creatures has arisen not on an empty place, and in their basis the existence in nature of some great bird, awe of their appearance.

The researchers came to be called "thunder-birds" big birds, about meetings with whom on the Allegheny plateau in the North of Pennsylvania (USA) reported eyewitnesses. Later this name was applied to the huge birds found in different parts of the world, in the real existence of which scientists doubt.

In 1973, the writer of Pennsylvania Robert R. Lyman said: "Thunder-bird is not an attribute of the past, they exist today, though few believe in it - except that those who saw them". For such statements at the Estuary was quite a good reason, because in the early 40-ies he personally saw this bird. According to him, she sat on the road North of Nudesport, and when soared, the scope of its wings was at least 6 meters. Like a bird in a while I watched and other witnesses, and they described it as an estuary. She was like a "very large vulture", with brown plumage, short neck and a very narrow wings." According to the writer, the bird was very young, so it could still grow.


By and large thunder-bird, of course, is a phenomenon inherent in the mainly North America, it is here that have seen the largest number of observations of these truly fantastic birds. For example, in 1969 mysterious bird saw the wife of Sheriff John Boyle from Clinton County. The woman was sitting on the porch of a little house on the river little pine, when they saw the huge gray bird. She dived on a stone in the middle of the river, some sat on it, and then they took off again. According to the woman, "the scope of its wings was not narrower than the very river-bed, and she was so big that seemed unreal.

Not surprisingly, the wife of the Sheriff called this bird is fantastic, as if to believe her, the scope of its wings was at least 15 meters! Indeed, in the place where it had landed, the width of the river was 15-20 meters. It should be noted that in the summer of the same year, approximately the same area thunder-bird was observed three more witnesses. In their eyes, she grabbed a young deer, lifted him into the air and disappeared.

The Jersey shore (Pennsylvania) also saw the thunder-birds. In October 1970, several witnesses, who were driving in the car, watched "giant winged creature, flying high in the sky in the direction of the Jersey coast." One of then saw this bird, Judith Dingler, later said the Creature was dark, and the wingspan he was like a plane".

If we mentioned the plane, then it is worth remembering the amazing incident, which happened in 1961, over the Hudson river. Was it that a small private plane, flying above the river, was suddenly attacked by a huge bird... Later shocked the pilot told the journalists that he hardly took his plane to crash into a monster that wanted him to RAM.

Mark A. Hall dedicated to the study of the phenomenon of thunder-birds, on the basis of eyewitness accounts amounted to the following description of such creatures: "the size and power of this bird exceeds all known birds in the world. Wingspan, of course, can only be assessed on the eyes. But, some eyewitnesses have a chance to estimate its size, comparing with any nearby objects, or a long time watching the bird in flight, and during recreation. The stories of the witnesses, the scope of its wings is 4.5-6 meters... Sitting bird reaches a height of 1,2-2,4 meters. The color of her feathers is usually dark brown, grey or black."


In the legends of the North American Indians referred to the ability of thunder-birds to kidnap women and children. As it turned out, this is not a fiction. In 1895 in West Virginia some winged monster killed in their claws, 10-year-old girl. In the same year saw him a few more times, witnesses said, as he stole a hunting dog, and in another case took straying from the flock of sheep.

His "hunting" for people thunder-birds continued in the XX century, very impressive reminding yourself with Marlon low. This 10-year-old boy from the state of Illinois (USA) on 25 July 1977 carelessly played with two friends in the yard of his house. Suddenly, from the South to the house flew two huge birds and dived on children, screaming with terror, scattered. First winged monsters has aimed at Travis Goodwin, friend Marlon, but resourceful boy dived from them in the pool, then the birds attacked a little low.

Although the boy ran away from the raptors struggled, one of the birds easily overtook him, grabbed claws and torn from the earth. It should be noted that Marlon weighs about 30 pounds! The cries of the children out popped the parents of the boy, they saw with horror that their son was kidnapped by a giant black bird. Most likely they hardly managed to do something to rescue the boy, but he demonstrated his great fighting qualities of their character, and saved himself. Instead, in horror, wait a bloody outcome, Marlon struggling for his life. He got out the whole body, his fists on the legs of the bird, trying to break her claws. Such fierce resistance, apparently, was a winged monster unusual, he loosened his grip, and low fell to the ground.

Fortunately, feathered monster had no time to climb, so the boy escaped with only minor bruises and scratches. Giant birds, left without extraction, flew to the North towards the Kickapoo river. According to witnesses, they were black with white spots on long necks with curved beaks and wings of not less than 3 meters. After watching a number of handbooks, parents Marlon came to the conclusion that most of these birds are reminded of the Condor.
Thunder-bird is not an attribute of the past, they exist today, though few believe in it - except that those who saw them
When it became known about this incident, the local authorities simply accused parents Marlon in a lie, believing that they had invented the whole story about the attack of the giant birds to be glorified. However, in the summer of the same year in Illinois birds monsters seen not only spouses lo, gained more than a dozen witnesses who observed the thunder-birds. For example, the postman James major in the making saw in the sky two large birds, one of which flew down to the corral farm, grabbed it very well-fed pork and took him away in his claws, flying very close to the postman.

But 11 August farmers John and Wanda Chapel saw in the sky a huge bird, which then had planned on a tree near them. Wanda Chappell told: "This creature was like a prehistoric bird. Fantastic creation. On the head feathers were not, and the neck was long and curved in the form of the letter " S".

While scientists are skeptical about the reports of observations incredibly huge birds, considering them to lie, to shake their skepticism can only killed or caught instance thunder-birds.
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