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Таинственное животное нападает на жителей БорнеоAccording to the publication The Borneo Post, recently unknown animal attacked two people working on the farm. Indonesian working plantation and 75-year-old farmer almost lost his life, and experienced the strongest shock in life when they are independent from each other attacked by unknown living creature at the beginning of this month.

Farmer ARIS Kuna was attacked this rare beast, when he was working in his garden at noon. After a week on another plantation was attacked foreign worker, who collected the fruit of the oil palm. This unknown animal was described, like the bear and wild boar. Other workers and villagers were unable to identify the animal, the corpse was delivered to the village by Indonesian. "In my life, traveling through the jungle and hunt, I've never met animals of this species," said 62-year-old Louis Nyaoi.

The farmer told that the beast issued strange sounds and ran straight at him, and at one point was on his hind legs. Fortunately, the farmer was the hammer, which he, despite a panic, was able to quickly defuse the beast, having cut an it. He said that the animal had a length of about 60 centimeters, he had a face like a pig, and sharp claws. It also exuded a disgusting smell that after his death he became even more horrible.
Rare and unknown beast?

Skeptics are not sure that this animal is not known to science. Sharon hill, author of the articles is doubtful that you News.com, considers that the pictures and descriptions of screaming stinking animal indicate that it is one of the types of small mammals of the family koncovych, the birthplace of whom are these places - Smelly badger Mydaus javanensis. This creature is very similar to the one that attacked on farmers.

It is not clear why neither farmers nor anyone else around them I could not learn of the beast, although if the animal lives in these places, it does not mean that all who live here ever met them and can recognize. Many animals are nocturnal and avoid contact with people or spend their whole life in the water or in the backwoods. The ornithologists, for example, it can take months, or even years to catch a rare species in its native habitat.

This phenomenon is frequently the case in developed countries, where very common animals mistaken for a mysterious and unknown to science. Raccoons and opossums, for example, are common in North America, but several times took over the terrible monsters, when they were deprived of wool because of scabies or when their semi-decomposed bodies were found on the beaches.

Source: news.discovery.com
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