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Животные тоже скучаютWhen you look at the sitting in the cells of animals in the zoo, you, probably, think that they, like humans, are able to get bored, and they are likely to suffer from such "prison". Although we can't get into your head living beings and to find out what they really think, scientists first tried to prove experimentally that animals experience boredom and depression.

In the course of research scientists from the University of Guelph, Canada, studied the behavior 29 living in captivity mink. Some animals were placed in ordinary cells, where they lived for 7 months before the experiments began.

Another group of mink lived in the same cell, but had access to the tunnel, which allowed them to move into a larger space. These animals also had the opportunity to climb over the shelves and ladders, to play with rubber toys and other items to walk along the bottom of a shallow pond, immerse head in the water. Every month animals received some new items.

When, finally, it was time for the experiment, scientists have proposed an animal to experience new experience, for example, in cells ran a stream of air, put the scented candles and electric toothbrushes. Regardless encouraged animals delicacy and how stressful or were neutral for them new things, those who lived before in boring cells, showed more interest in new subjects.

They also consumed more food during the experiment, even if not suffered from hunger. They also longer lay awake than those animals whose life before was more intense. All these signs of conduct say that animals were bored, the scientists made a conclusion.
A happier life in captivity

Boredom is difficult to determine emotion. People who miss reactions can range from mild fatigue to depression and full immersion in itself. Scientists believe that their new research is very important, as it allows to understand that animals too boring and what you should do to entertain them and make their life in captivity more intense and happy.

"While we cannot say with certainty that animals have the same feeling that the man who says he is bored, but the behavior and reactions in this case is very similar to", said the researchers.

Source: news.discovery.com
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