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Off the coast of the island Kona Hawaii Dolphin asked divers who swam near, to release him from the scaffold, enveloped his fin.

A group of divers went on a night dive, to watch the rays, who inhabit the shores of the island Kona Hawaii. At some point, one Dolphin swimming near the scuba divers, became aggressively to attract attention.

Дельфин попросил дайвера о помощи + ВИДЕОДельфин попросил дайвера о помощи + ВИДЕОДельфин попросил дайвера о помощи + ВИДЕО

People quickly realized that the animal is not just interesting, but needs help and looking closely, one of the divers saw a fin Dolphin entangled fishing line. The man just under the water started to help the animal to rid tackle.

Dolphin changed the position of the body, making the work of their rescuers more convenient. Unfortunately, deeply grounded hook extract from fin failed, but divers still cut the line.

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