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Influential American newspaper the Washington Post found that in the case of a nuclear war between Russia and the United States, the world will disappear in just 13 minutes. However, soothes the newspaper, its probability is close to zero.

Under American law, in case of imminent danger between the President's decree on bringing of the ground-based nuclear missiles on alert and launch warheads should not be more than 3-4 minutes. In turn, the head of state on decisions that must be posted to the nines half of the world should take no more than 13 minutes.

Presidents, zastopanje on a post of the head of the country after the end of the confrontation States and the Soviet Union, could not believe that the beginning of nuclear war was regulated by the minute. Since the end of the cold war has been more than 20 years, however, according to the American journalists, a significant part of the strategic forces of the USA is still preparing to attack the enemy on the first order of the head of state.

This year alone, a former military James Cartwright suggested to reconsider "rule 13 minutes". He stated that it was necessary to extend the time given to the President in the decision on the beginning of nuclear war for the term from days up to 72 hours.

However, the opinion Cartwright is not shared by all officials. So, General of the army of the USA Robert Kohler believes that the adoption of such measures can seriously damage state security. Suddenly, the enemy will suddenly decide to encroach on the borders of America.

As writes Washington Post, the U.S. government is unlikely to "will show pacifism" in this issue, as Russia will not refuse to keep the missiles in combat readiness. Despite the fact that relations between the two powers is now much better than 20 years ago, each of them continues to keep your eyes open.

Barack Obama said that both countries should abandon the use of nuclear weapons since the cold war is long over. However, at the moment, the US and Russia are kept in a state of readiness in total 1 800 warheads, according to Lead.
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