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Параллельные миры и способы путешествия в нихThe theme travel to parallel worlds, probably, hardly probable not the most popular, but let's think, what is parallel worlds? Immediately it should be clear that we will talk about when someone (or something) penetrates from the world described by the author of the work (let's call it objective reality) in a different world, the reality of a different order, that is, the parallel world.

That's, like, a good definition: "parallel world should be called any world that differ from objective reality at least one event".

This event may be the origin of life on the planet, and maybe the name of the Montreal airport, the color of the gate someone give or addiction Peter Ivanovich tobacco. In the first case worlds will vary dramatically, in the second, slightly, in the third and fourth practically will not differ (if you're in your objective reality did not know any Pyotr Ivanovich, how do you know about his preferences?). To notice these differences can only be a specialist. But there are parallel worlds, not different from the underlying reality is nearly the same, i.e. the worlds twins.

It turns out that the definition you want to add "or physically distant from objective reality in time and space minimum unit", of course, provided that the physical distance is not considered as a distinguishing fact. In addition, to the parallel worlds should be considered and the worlds not existing and imaginary. Well popular example is the journey A. Privalov invented in the future. Also should mention that you are physically remote from the objective reality of the considered world should be in the present, because the parallel world could arise from the objective reality in the past, and may merge with it in the future. Thus, "Parallel world is any world that differ from objective reality at least one event or physically distant from it in space and time described the present at least one unit".

Somehow sort described parallel worlds - employment is almost impossible, especially if to consider, that in relation to our world, the reality of any NF works already is a parallel world, and a fantastic element is already distinguish the event. So I will focus on the particulars, for example, the modes of travel to parallel worlds, the study of their consequences or causes of these worlds.

Despite the apparent diversity of ways and mountains of literature describing all of them, as in the case of time travel, easy to boil down to the same five basic categories, including all the multitude of particular cases, many of which are identical with the methods of time travel. In order not to repeat itself, this time we will mention only the most popular, or on the contrary, the most rare and therefore not mentioned in the article about time travel.

1. With the help of technical devices. For example, with the help of some bibliohroniki can penetrate the invented past (A. Ziborov, "Ali, the lion"), and with the help of a Bicycle - in the same invented future (A. and B. Strugatsky, "Monday begins on Saturday"). We can also add the Cabinet (Y. Burkin, S. Lukyanenko, "Tsar, tsarevitch, Korol, the king's son..."), mirror (M assumption, "Dear comrade King"), cruise missile (Th. Watson, "Slow birds") and many other subjects.

2. Environmental resources. The most popular way is surely a place that boasts a passage in a parallel world. This passage may be permanent, but can act on schedule, can be overcome only for objects of a certain mass, color or size is important, heroes know about its existence and use it (Doctor of Braider, N. Chadovich, "the gospel of Timothy"; L. and E. Lucy, "You and no one else"). Another often used way of getting into a parallel world - a journey into the past and the establishment there of chroniclesome. The time when this forks and only hero created in a parallel world, often without any hope of returning to their own (G. Harrison, "the Fugitive"; A. Gromov, "In the Institute of time the investigation is in progress"). It is possible to note and such ways as a disaster (Doctor of the Wymondham, "I don't believe") and crossing the river (L. Vershinin, "to Enter into the river").

3. The resources of the person. There is no any way, which was given would be obvious preference, except that you can select people with supernormal abilities. Among them there are those who can create parallel worlds and (or) to transfer them (F. dick, "Ubik"). Causes of doubtless interest to booze (A. Ruban, "the dream of the war") " I wish all our drunks, Yes once in a parallel world failed! Unfortunately, we too are in danger to survive the invasion of alcoholics parallelnavi world.

4. The external circumstances. For example, to read verses lying in the bathroom (U. Then, "Lamp for jellyfish") " who would have guessed that this is the formula of penetration in a parallel world? Or the previously mentioned method: the passages in parallel worlds are opened from certain points of space, with the only difference that the hero doesn't know about it. Is still on the road, and suddenly - Bang! - suddenly finds himself in another world (P. Silverberg, "Between two worlds"; William Le GUIN, "Threshold").

5. The combination of ways. For example, some company invites all who wish to travel to a parallel world at the customer's option. Move it there psychics are able, employees of the enterprise. For the client company's staff is environmental resources, they use their abilities, i.e. a new way obtained by a combination of 2 and 3 (M Akhmanov, "Scythians feast at sunset").

As you can see, to penetrate into parallel worlds, use the same procedures that, and transfer to other times. Why? That's one of the possible answers. Space and time, as we know, are inextricably linked. According to one hypothesis, the discrete time, therefore, to travel in time is possible only on a certain number of years (A. Gromov, "In the Institute of time the investigation is in progress"; P. Miller, "Sands centuries"), because in between our times are the times of parallel worlds. Thus, going on a journey in time, you can indulge in a parallel world and Vice versa, i.e. in both places in the same way. What was to be proved. The only difference in the setting of a time machine.
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