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Glowing object was seen on the North of the country that attracted the attention of some of the witnesses. The national office of emergency management in the region of Tarapaca (Tarapac?) confirmed the registration of the given phenomenon.

Several residents of the capital of Tarapaca saw the fall, around 23:30 to 23:40 hours on Monday (9 July), very bright glowing trail in the sky was accompanied with "strong roar". It is not excluded that this may be connected with the meteorite.

The authorities also said that the radar FACH have not detected any movement, and the Directorate General of civil aviation not recommend this information.

In addition, remains unknown, the place of falling of the object is dropped, whether at sea or on land.

"We have received confirmation of the Hydrographic and Oceanographic service of the Navy (SHOAH)that is not recorded, no changes in tides", - is spoken in the message.

The air force of Chile made a statement that "the above-mentioned phenomenon does not correspond to air traffic aircraft stationed at an air base "Condors" FACh." Moreover, it is specified that the information is sent to the Headquarters of the Civil Aeronautics, where will be presented the analysis by the Committee of Air Abnormal Phenomena, CEFAA.

The administrator informs that begins an investigation to determine the nature of "a luminous object.

"Entry trajectory - no that would see North radar network Headquarters of the Civil Aeronautics, as well as on any report of another nature centres and towers control, which operate in the country, except the message of the crew of a commercial plane that had perceived from a distance the light in space."

To make a final conclusion about the phenomenon occurred, will take a long time.
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