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 Судный день Земли назначается регулярно, но все время переноситсяAmerica just had a real catastrophe from the hurricane. On the border with Canada to the storm has increased also earthquake. Venice floods for the second time in 2 weeks. Muscovites even freezing rain was suspicious that something is wrong in the nature. And nobody laughs at the Mayan calendar. According to their predictions, the end of an era is coming December 21. Did storms, floods, earthquake forerunners of this Apocalypse? "AiF" has remembered all cases the end of the world and listened to scientists.

What is foretold: the Greatest interest has always been a Revelation, which describes disasters (hail and fire, the falling of the stars from the sky, a Great earthquake, etc.), preceding the Second coming of Christ. Occult society "appointed" end of the world on 666, 900, 999, 1000, 1492, 1666, 1844, 1900 ,

That was Under the influence of the prophecies people panic, they sold the property, left work. In Russia in November 1900 sect "Red Death" staged a mass suicide. About 100 people were locked in the house and set fire to himself.

What is foretold: large-Scale flooding should cover almost all of the land on 20 February 1524

That was When in 1524 no cataclysm does not happen, Stoffer a couple more times endured the date of the end of the world, referring to possible inaccurate calculations. In the end of his predictions have stopped paying attention.

That foretold the Destruction of the Earth as a consequence of the parade of planets December 17, 1919, According to the calculations of the Port, due to the fact that six of the planets are lined up in a row, the Sun will begin a powerful flash, and our planet will be burned.

That was, Subsequently, when the catastrophe happened, albert Port acknowledged its mistake and made a public apology.

What is foretold: Another burning of the Earth. Long called Holocaust with accuracy to the minute - 5.33 a.m. on September 21, 1945, he Allegedly had a revelation that in that moment the Earth will evaporate, and all mankind will turn into ectoplasm - viscous substance. The priest gave his prophecy in the treatise.

What was the Followers of long a week before the scheduled Apocalypse refused food, water and sleep. On the number of victims is not known.

What is foretold: the Head of the sect Shoko Asahara stated that Armageddon will happen in 1997, and called on all believers to prepare for a new life. In his prophecies, humanity will cease to exist, except the elect, who will be able to reach the state of "AUM".

What was the Sect was actively preparing for the end of the world, she had a clandestine factories for the production of chemical warfare agents, bacteriological weapons. In March 1995, the followers of Asahara sprayed in the Tokyo subway gas attack. 12 people were killed and 54 suffered severe poisoning. Shoko Asahara sentenced to death by hanging, still not executed.

That's predicted In the mid-twentieth century in the Mexican town of Tortuguero found the inscription on the stone panels, consisting of a solid date. This stone calendar compiled by the Maya priests described 13 of large cycles. The last of them should be completed on December 21, 2012, which led to the assumption about the date of the end of the world.

That is: we'll see...

What is foretold: Some experts and public figures feared that the experiments at the LHC will arise black hole or antimatter, which will destroy the planet.

That was the Start was some times postponed because of problems. On the settings already made important scientific discoveries. Physics calm: the Earth is constantly bombarded by cosmic particles with more energy than in the Collider.

That foretold his own interpretation of the Bible, "appointed" offensive judgment day on may 21, 2011 Planet expected natural disasters and destruction.

That was When the prediction was wrong, Camping said that the day of judgment actually occurred - but not physically, but spiritually. Then moved the date for the next six months. In 2011, the prophet was awarded the IG Nobel prize for mathematical predictions of doom"
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