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Подземная база на дне колодцаIn a half-ruined Church that stands in one of the "bear corners" Estonia is a fresco depicting "flying saucer". And among local people since olden times legend which says that to this godforsaken place should not be approached for half a kilometer, and even more - building next to the house...

This story began 16 years ago on the Estonian island of Saaremaa. The boy who lived there, claimed that at night communicate with aliens, and even sketched some of what he saw: unusual control of aircraft, the appearance of spaceships and their servicing of biorobots. All of this could be attributed to the children's imagination, if not one figure: the typical rural house with outbuildings, and under the house - the subject, the contours of which are already very reminiscent of aircraft aliens is"a plate". Himself Erwin Klaasen, 11-year-old channel, said: "This interplanetary space ship! He's here, close by, in Estonia..."

And the place which reported er-wines, ufologists was found!

By that time in the house of a resident of one of the villages near Tallinn, Virgo Mitta, not for the first year strange things happen: by itself moved kitchen utensils, heard the steps and strange knocking in the basement yourself lit light bulb. It would have guessed his family, what is it, knocking over unexplained phenomena at the antics of a house, if not... well. Ordinary well, which MITT decided to dig in his yard.

At first all went well. But suddenly shovel rang about metal. "Treasure!" I Virgo in the first minute, but attempts to dig a valuable find failed. It was a stove, which was not over...

Hours and days crushing of hard peasant unexpected obstacle, but all was in vain. Only a week later, he went off with the greatest difficulty to drill in the plate sufficient for the well hole. The water began to arrive. History and would have ended, if the Virgo is not left on the memory of the half-dozen pieces of that notorious plate.

He told the visiting friend, chemist by profession, unusual history with a well. He took several pieces of plates in the Tallinn Polytechnic Institute. In a few more years and one day to splinter touched one of the employees of the Institute. The second was followed by an attack such a powerful electric discharge, and the victim engineer, stupefied and flying away for a few meters away, had to be hospitalized. From that day began a series of experiments.

Reacted people on pieces of metal in different ways: some felt nothing, someone powerfully zapped, others felt the vibration, and several people got deep burns...

Latest chemical methods of research are not known to science metal showed that it contains 38 elements of the periodic table, many of which are in the nature together never meet. And most importantly, at the modern level of development of science and technology, such alloy while in any laboratory in the world it is impossible to get!

By the way, the water from the "abnormal" the well proved to be extremely tasteless, causing nausea, and well I had to fall asleep. And here happened something strange. From all sides of the village to the place where was dug a well, began to gather... cats! They come from all around and spend hours lying on "territory" (and in fact for cats pathogenic zone - that Valerian!). With people, at least a few minutes postawski in "epicenter"also was created something odd: they began to fall teeth and hair, was deteriorating eyesight, was inflamed sinuses, months have not passed the state of extreme weakness.

But most of all from his terrible finds himself suffered the master of the house. He refused legs, a few years he lay motionless, and then died.

But the story is terrible places does not ended. First was undertaken experimental test of the impact of E-field (under the code name was held research) by a group of special military Institute of the defense Ministry. At a depth of six meters in the ground found two metal object in the form of an ellipse and other items, details of which were not disclosed (the weight of them was identified about 200 tons). However, work on the study of the anomalous zone soon came to an end; participants excavations began to receive blows in the stomach strange "green triangle"appearing from the sides of the well. The blows were so strong that people for a few hours lost consciousness, but most importantly, their bodies remained terrible stigma - gently scorched through clothes diamonds!

...In the next three years died many of those who were in private to the mystery of the study, Dr. fields (7 people out of 12), disappeared all of the documents associated with this case, and samples of the metal.

In the end, "a plate" or "probe" (scientists have not agreed, what is it?!) left alone. After all, as this object came under the earth (it happened approximately in X-XI centuries), and how can respond to our invasion, no one knows. In a half-ruined Church that stands in one God the forgotten corners of Estonia, there is a fresco, which very clearly depicted "flying saucer". And locals have long passed a legend, which says that to this godforsaken place should not be approached for half a kilometer, and especially - to build a house there. And if "plate" to bring out into the light of God, allegedly disaster strikes...

Among ufologists this, - their version. One of them is this: this and similar, but not yet detected objects, hidden very deeply under the ground, not isolated and are called, in the case of nuclear war (namely explosion, neutralize all its consequences. There is another assumption: many UFO sightings and moving NGOs (unidentified underwater objects) say that a dense it absolutely is not a hindrance. Somehow they can easily pass through a dense structure and even have the properties to appear and disappear.

Another version suggests that this alien probe also plays the role of a generator, corrective, among others, the psi-field of the Earth.

...Famous Estonian psychic and healer Witold Anne, after all "experiments" found objects, as well advised to fill the well, and even indicated a specific date. So did they. At that moment, when the first bucket of sand is dropped into a pit, there was a deafening explosion. The government's attempts to find a cause in what have not resulted: in the district there was no damage or abnormal manifestations. The military also puzzled spread his arms.

In the late 1990-ies the anomalous zone was trying to examine a group of Japanese scientists, but all the wells that they were digging, instantly filled with some kind of dark water with a pungent smell. And I found a very interesting fact: permission to conduct survey work the Estonian government did not give them, and researchers from across the ocean had to run away.

In recent years the hype about the unusual finds subsided, but to put an end to this issue yet. Every year deathtrap collects its deadly toll. So the story is still unfinished...

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