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Новый год 2013. Нашествие рептилоидов или очередной конец Света?Coming next to an end. But enthusiasm on the faces of people there. Tired we are of all, we start trekking. Already and nobody panics. Peacefully drowning another state in the U.S. and tremble somewhere in the East. Who cares? Yes anybody, because now available unlimited Internet.

Whether the invasion race of reptiles?

When, finally, a huge lizard-like creatures colonise our Mother-Earth? I have a question, dear readers, as you yourself would strongly eye on this little planet? Landfills are filling coming to the cities planting, forest and tracts.

More and more dead bodies of water. Minerals extracted and thoughtlessly spent. The ozone layer is "bursting at the seams", in the cities Schalit maximum permissible electromagnetic radiation. Except to enslave us. Well, what's the point? If only in Internet blogs to write will make. And so, eat a lot, work ratting, if alcohol is not to provide, can and rebellion to arrange. It turns out that we have not attracted the reptiles.

It was a hope that fly formidable invaders, and not have to go from Monday to work. Officials sales will eat, the government will collect on a separate asteroid and send into space. Drug addiction and alcoholism will put an end once and for all. Solve the problem of energy crisis. And no, bummer - will continue to roll in, we have created the world. Will not escape even from reptiles.

Generally in the world believe those who are afraid to live. So a little baby sometimes wants to disappear the whole house, so that no one noticed the shards of a broken my father's favorite vase. And the end of the world does not come and does not occur, making it necessary to answer for their actions.

As will be justified, dear friends? Video producers, with calls to pray to the great Lord that he will protect us from reptiles, what will you say in January 2013? And in January 2014?

Here are a few options:

The end of the world came. Nibiru has arrived. We were enslaved, but we have not noticed. Only the elected see the essence, follow me...

The end of the world came in an alternate reality.

The end of the world came locally. Reptiles captured the village of Liquid Mosses and from there to prepare the invasion as other cities of Earth.

The world did not end because of errors in dates, he actually comes in two thousand ...the twelfth year, do not lose faith.

The world did not end because we were saved by Salusa and contactees

How many more of us will get "fatal" for humanity events? How many times are we going to swim to the next line? Even experienced fish already, academic, and no, it is caught and is caught. After all, we - Humanity - the navel of the Earth. If we die, it is the end of the world, without us life is not life. So the prophecies we have so many, and even more interpreters.

"No one gives a guarantee that the next moment will come" - Century Pelevin. Death need to be prepared always. But to make a cult of it is stupid, you only steal time from life. So live and rejoice.

All with coming New year 2013!
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