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Abnormal frosts refreshed records of observations is so cold in December, as last week, Russia has never been. The average temperature in the country minus 22 degrees. Glad only that from the middle of next week will begin warming and the new year night at least Central Russia will meet with indicators about zero.

The scientists also found in these cold symptoms - no, not the end of the world - and a new global cooling (the previous was 200 years ago). What to prepare to find out, our correspondent Konstantin Rozhkov:

This video was filmed in Novosibirsk just a few days ago, when the city stood the strongest over the past few years frosts (see video). To the earth did not get even a drop in temperature is minus 40 boiling water completely evaporated. This video showed all the world's media under the heading "Anomalous cold in Russia". And this time it is not an exaggeration. Some researchers believe that the Earth is on the threshold of a new ice age, which is already 40 years drastically change the face of the planet. And primarily the Nordic countries.

The first global change always feel the animals. In the Urals usually cautious boars went nuts: in search of food arrange raids on forestry and take away food from deer.

In the far East right only in December broke all temperature records. But, if for Magadan or Kamchatka minus 50 still not an anomaly, for the Caucasian republics today's weather is unusual. For the first time in a decade in Makhachkala was closed airport - in a purely winter because of the snow and cold.

In Europe, not better. Because of a sharp cold snap some residents of Romania for the first time wearing shoes. Snow covered the neighboring Bulgaria. Doesn't look like Turkey, whose resorts usually do not freeze even in winter.

The last time something similar happened in the 17th century, during the so-called "Monterskaja minimum." Watching the sun astronomer Habibullo Abdussamatov came to the conclusion that periodically it begins to Shine less brightly. Approximately every 200 years of activity light is falling, and the Earth begin "small glacial periods". During the last, "monterskaja cold snap" in the 17th century the population of the Nordic countries has reduced twice.

Scientists who share this theory believe that the inhabitants of the planet was just led by the nose, speaking about global warming, while the Earth stands on the threshold of global cooling. Its peak in the 2050-2060 year. During this period, in Central Russia, even in summer the temperature can hardly rise above zero.

And closer to the polar circle of life will simply die out. It is still unknown whether we can extract oil and gas at a temperature of minus 80. In such conditions the most available source of energy will become firewood.

Elena Pashkevich from the Magadan region did not wait for global cooling, and has translated house with gas back on the stove heating.

During the little ice age experience of polar explorers will be in demand as never before. Only they can for a few months to survive in the permafrost zone. Wear wool fleece clothing, spend the night in a fur sleeping bags. The voyage to Greenland and North pole Victor Boyarsky to share vital tips.

Viktor Boyarsky, the Director of the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic: "Relax hands and committed such intensive Mahi from shoulder the fact that the blood were dispersed throughout the body. That his hands were bloodshot".

To remain on the street, without a home, will be the same as to sign a death sentence. Cold kills slowly and quietly. Those who stay with him one on one, are doomed.

In the past, office clerk, Alexey already not want to return to work at the computer. In one such ZIM frost took his four fingers on his hands. In the dank space only thing that warms, the memories of his wife, which went to another...

Scientists are optimists believe that a new ice age humanity has to survive without special shocks. If 200 years ago people did it now with the current technologies us any frost is not terrible. Almost nobody doubts - we live on the threshold of global changes of climate. So, usual for us things will look different. As, for example, these bubbles that instead burst, in extreme cold freezes right in his hands.
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You are reading news Земля стоит на пороге нового ледникового периода, который через 40 лет изменит облик планеты до неузнаваемости if You liked the article Земля стоит на пороге нового ледникового периода, который через 40 лет изменит облик планеты до неузнаваемости, prokomentiruet her.
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