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Контакты землян с инопланетянами подтверждают имплантатыSince ancient times to this day, from time to time newspaper pages full of information about a contact person with the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Someone believes these articles, someone is skeptical and is waiting for actual evidence, and not unfounded claims.

But is there evidence of human contact with aliens, or have to continue to be satisfied by eyewitnesses? Is the proof. Many of those who previously considered crazy stories about the meeting with UFOs, had the opportunity to confirm the truthfulness of his words, thanks to the development of medicine.

The doctors retraining, improvement of x-ray technologies, ultrasound, tomography and other methods of research contributed to the fact that the world began to receive new evidence for the existence of UFOs. To challenge the official conclusion is almost impossible. And every year of such conclusions is becoming more and more.

According to the results of sociological surveys, the researchers were able to identify the most interesting facts and bring them to the statistical data, which have become a good support for physicians.

So, according to these statistics, it turned out that only in the USA more than twenty million people are in full confidence that had contacts with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. More than four million of them claiming to have been abducted to conduct over them mysterious alien experiments.

To confirm or refute these data were needed evidence. For this, it was impossible to do without the intervention of medicine, and the work was started by psychiatrists and other physicians with different specialization.

The details of the process kidnapped people remembered nothing. However, through hypnosis was able to obtain information about the various "interventions", in particular, biological and surgical. Based on the obtained under hypnosis information, scientists have continued further studies of patients. It turned out that 10% of the test really implanted in the body implants unknown origin.

In confirmation of this - the x-rays and the official conclusion in maps hospital patients.

One of the first such cases in the history of modern medicine has occurred in the late 80-ies in England. The doctors made a scheduled examination of pregnant women and were amazed when they found in her body among chromosomes foreign object. The nature and method of implanting this subject has remained a mystery for them. The doctors had no choice but to recognize the fact of extraterrestrial origin "implant", implanted in the human tissue for an unknown purpose, and to continue monitoring the health status of the patient. The pregnancy went fine, no complaints from women was not and surgery not required. However, the doctors described the case in the magazine, for the first time mentioning the term "implant". The case received wide publicity, and documentary evidence of the fact of implanting an "implant" remain in the hospital until now.

One of the last, was the case of a Russian citizen, in the shoulder which doctors found poisonous mercury. Their amazement knew no bounds! After the General and biochemical blood tests revealed that mercury in the body is just an incredible amount, absolutely incompatible with life. Moreover, it turned out that this case is not unique!

The most unusual case wearing alien implant was recognized as a case of simple Serbian women. Unremarkable at first glance, the woman again and again amazes world scientists. The thing is that unlike most of the "singular" cases of detection of foreign parts, her body found for the past two decades. Pieces of metal microscopic size or go themselves or detected by physicians and are retrieved by surgery. Wounds after such operations are very complicated, and the rehabilitation period is prolonged. When you run out source" to tell no one.

Alien implants are not left without attention of the special services. Recently became aware of the fact that in the state archives of different countries are collections of unusual things removed from the human condition They were extracted from various organs and tissues and none of them unlike any other. The most interesting thing is that the subject differ not only in size but even the shape, structure, and composition. Probably, each of which performs a specific function. To study the findings and observations of the state of former "owners" there are special departments, staffed by highly qualified specialists.

As a rule, an alien objects, implanted in the human body tissue, do not cause any discomfort to the people and do not affect overall health. Implants find by chance during examinations or treatment of other diseases and even sometimes leave "in its place", refusing intervention. The only exception, known in the history of the transcendental subjects had a history of French baby, whose implant unknown origin caused a heart disease. What was the reason hitherto unknown. Perhaps the "medical error" extraterrestrial civilizations or some other extraordinary case, it is not relevant to the aliens.

While psychologists and psychotherapists, as a result of the many studies have concluded that the implants have an impact on the human psyche. Most carriers have a neurotic personality type. They are easily excitable, prone to all sorts of fears, and even panic attacks and suicide.
Yet on this occasion the information is not very much. Perhaps most of the facts classified and unavailable to the General public. It remains only to say that if the implants do have an extraterrestrial origin, the level of development of medicine in extraterrestrial civilizations extremely high and Supreme mind" is really high. Exactly what the body does not leave any traces of surgical intervention, and foreign objects not reject human tissues and even "adjusted" for them, allowed the scientists to put forward the assumption of the highest level of development "alien medicine"
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