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Гибель инопланетянина в ШвецииIn the mid 70-ies of XX century in the capital of Denmark Copenhagen hosted the international exhibition under the motto Karlek eller Kaos ("Love or confusion"). It was located in the old (XVII century) the Charlottenburg Palace. There was also a stand of Association of the Swedish ufologists Free UFO Study (FUFOS). Hundreds of visitors daily was detained near him, to hear the message about the events in the field of UFOlogy and look at the accompanying slides.

The disaster at forest glade

One morning, when about stand gathered a group of students joined elegant gentleman of sixty years. After listening to a message and viewing the slides, the students are gone, they were replaced by new visitors, and the man stood by.
Receptionists are interested in the behavior of the visitor, and one of them tried to talk to him. At first he took it cautiously, but then, apparently, felt to the interlocutor sympathy and told him the following story:
"In 1955, I, along with two older brothers worked as a woodcutter on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia in the Swedish province Vasternorrland.

One early morning in July, six o'clock, we were going to start logging, when suddenly I heard the noise, what happens when through the wood, breaking branches, crashes large animal. And a moment later we saw flying between trees, cigar-shaped object.
At first I thought it was trying to make an emergency landing small plane that lost the wings.
Three hundred meters further along its direction of motion was a river to which he probably tried to hang on. We realized that now he will fall, and went after him. We had not time to run and twenty meters, as an object has fallen into the clearing nearly forty meters away from the riverbank.
We expected to see the smoke and flames, to hear the roar of the explosion, but nothing happened. In absolute silence all around suddenly incredibly illuminated with a bright light. At the same time we felt the kick is so powerful air waves that the trees bent.
When a mysterious lights were dim, and the air is quiet, we went on a glade to see what happened, but saw nothing: the place of falling of the object was blocked by a pile of trees.

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Having decided to return to work, we have barely made a dozen steps, like one of the brothers said:

"Hey, look! Here lays some dwarf in uniform.

For some time we stood silently, looking at the strange creature, not showing signs of life. It was slightly bigger than a meter, it was surrounded by pulsing aura dim white light. We realized that it extraterrestrial aliens. One of the brothers moved humanoid, but then with a cry back and said that at the moment of touching him like an electric shock. At the same moment the alien opened her eyes and said quietly in Swedish:

- Do not touch me, otherwise you will be in trouble. Now you already know who I am.

We realized that he is able to read our thoughts. A little when we began to look carefully at the stranger. He had the right facial features. Yellowish color of the skin, as a native of Asia. Black eyes, deep-set, but without proteins. On the face of an alien had several wounds, and they oozed colorless liquid. The neck was seen something similar to a shark's gills. The appearance of the complement of a thin bloodless lips. When humanoid timidly smiled, we saw two rows of small even teeth. His little hands had five almost identical on length of fingers without nails.

The clothing of the alien made of reddish material like metal, fits close to the body.
On his feet he had boots, thick corrugated soles reminded the tracks of a tank. Probably, shoes served as a humanoid individual vehicles. Waist alien covered a wide metal belt with a huge buckle, radiating blue light.
In its center was visible sign, similar to the letter U with the letter V on the inside of it.

The story of the star of a stranger

Seeing that I consider it, the alien said:

- I can be with you only a little thanks to the suit. Inside it I already destroyed.

Then his right hand touched hips and disappeared inside a spacesuit, although there could not see any pocket. He pulled out something like a remote control with small buttons, like a matchbox. To it was attached miniature "pencil". Humanoid repeatedly punched him on the button, then threw the remote side.

- Don't touch that, " he said. - This device will tell my friends that happened to me, to me they didn't. Because where I come from, I would have...

For some time the stranger was lying quietly, only his hands were periodically shuddered. Probably, he was in great pain.
At that moment the brothers looked at each other and, without a word, went deep into the forest. I asked them to stay, but they did not seem to hear me. Now, after many years, I'm sure they obeyed telepathic order of the alien. I stayed and talked with him until his death.
That's what little feeling excruciating pain and with what little strength, told me the star stranger. He arrived with one of the planets in the constellation, which we called the eagle. We, earthlings, is visited by representatives of several space civilizations. Some aliens are watching us for thousands of years. There are those who investigate the Earth to determine the possibility of creation in it of its colonies. Aliens are in contact with earthlings already during several centuries.

The death of an alien

Having finished his story, humanoid gave me a bag, which also took invisible pocket, and said:

- When I die, the light around my body will go out, and then you and your friends put me in a bag into the river. But the water does not come in, to not feel pain.

He was frantically to breathe, and I realized that his end was near. Luminous halo around him began to fade and soon disappeared and shining buckle faded. Humanoid opened his eyes and said a few words in a language that I neither before, nor after did not hear. Then he switched to Swedish:

- You are born not on their own and leave him in spite of it. Your life is like a fog...

He said a few words, but it was impossible to tell. I'm pretty sure that before his death, he prayed.
It astounded me.
Then I went and called for help brothers. Together we put the remains of an alien in a bag and carried to the river. Burden burned in us hands, it was the smell of sulphur. The stranger was very heavy. When we dropped the bag into the river, the water around the boil. Five minutes later there is not a trace".

And here vesdec!

- Perhaps, I have nothing more to tell, - finished his story unusual visitor, preparing to depart from the stand. Then he added: " I remember the incident so clearly, as if it were yesterday. On your slides, I learned of an alien and was surprised because I thought that was the only person who had seen the stranger. Before I came across a lot of pictures and drawings of the aliens, but none of the images was like someone with whom I had a chance to talk and who are my brothers buried in the river...

Suddenly the visitor took from his pocket a metal rod, like a thick needle and showed it to the other party:

- Now, look.

- What is it? asked stand attendant.

The visitor smiled.

- A day or two after the incident, I returned to the place. Remote disappeared, and "fancy" was lying in the grass at the same place. I picked it up as proof that I was dreaming.

Having said this, an elegant gentleman walked away and was lost among the exhibition visitors.
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