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В 2013 году могут случиться коллапс интернет-сети и мегаизверженияCompiled by the world economic forum report, which lists the natural phenomena that can destroy our planet, suggests that worrying is pointless, says Elena Dusi in an article published on the website of the newspaper La Repubblica.

"We thought we had escaped the Mayan prophecy. But there is little reason to remain calm, if to take into account all the catastrophes that can destroy life on our planet. We are talking about natural phenomena, such as megaseriesi, storms on the Sun, explosions of gamma-rays in space, epidemics and, of course, asteroids, tsunami or meeting with alien beings. All these things are so unpredictable, fantastic, apocalyptic, that even should not worry", - the author writes.

"The world economic forum and made a report "Global risks-2013": this document is prepared annually, it lists all the troubles, including the collapse of the Internet, the pandemic pathogenic fungi capable of destroying agricultural yields, and the half-melted Antarctica can be considered as the most dull pages", - the newspaper notes.

"Given the pace of space exploration, we cannot exclude the likelihood of discovery of extraterrestrial life forms, which would not lead to immediate destruction of life on Earth, you'll probably need to rethink the foundations of religion and philosophy. If we are concerned with global warming and rising seas and oceans, what to talk about possible gigantic solar flare? The experts of the journal Nature, who edited the additional section of the report on natural disasters, recalled that in 774 year the Sun threw in the direction of the Earth is so powerful flow of energy and charged particles that if it persists today, it can be destroyed all satellites will perish hundreds of millions of people, we will be thrown back on 150 years ago in our history", - the publication reports.

"And it's not as dramatic, if to imagine that somewhere in space can be a merger of two neutron stars or two black holes. The burst of gamma-rays will cover the planet and burn a considerable part of the inhabitants of the Earth. On a possible merger in space we will know only after the fact, we were not able to prevent such a development," writes the author of the article.

"Megaspirea volcanoes on Earth can lead to emissions of huge quantities of ash and dust on the planet will form the equivalent of a nuclear winter. In addition, there is a constant threat from the asteroids, tsunami because of the unpredictable movement of underwater platforms. We have survived for so many millennia that today we can't scare any predictions," concludes correspondent.
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