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Столица для НЛО"If I was entrusted to choose the capital "tarelochnymi", I would have voted for Dalnegorsk village in Primorye, built near the deposits of polymetals, wrote in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" ufologist Andrey Pavlov. - UFOs appear here with the regularity of an Express train: they see many citizens got used to them and almost afraid.

"What, again arrived? - asked the correspondent of the woman in the bus. She saw a UFO when just rode in public transport.
The driver stopped and got out passengers, too, " she recalls.- Big thing was flying, a lot of light was. All stood craning their necks. There is even the police went, but, they say, he found nothing".

"There" - this means on a stone platform 3x3 meters on top of the hill. This is the famous Height 611. It is here 29 January 1986 fell another mysterious object. When it fell observed more than a hundred of citizens. The mechanic Vladimir Kondakov at that moment was at his house. He recalls: "It was a big steel ball. He flew slowly, quietly and fell silently".

The police says that the glow was, as from electric welding. Something was burning all night, although from combustible materials at the Height 611 was only a small stump. A day later there arose a group led by biochemist and ufologist Valery Whipcord. According to him, though all around were piled snow, at the Height 611 snow completely vital and stood strong smell of burning.

Since then at the Height 611 visited doctors, biologists, chemists, and the military. She became the object of pilgrimage of ufologists of Japanese women, the USA, Canada, China, Belgium, Sweden. In 1994, the film company Paramont Pictures made a film about Dalnegorsk phenomenon.

The official verdict of scientists: perhaps exploded ball lightning. UFOlogy argue: ball lightning is not carried by the material objects. And at the Height were found the remains of something metallic...

Three scientific employee of the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute, not fond of jokes, wrote about the discovery in his report: "sample Material - artificial origin and are made on special technology..."

So, simply put, on the Ground don't do that!

The testimony of the military

And a year after the visit of the UFO at the Height 611 far Eastern "plates" made a real show for the residents of Primorye: 28 November 1987 from 22.30 till 22.50 large Armada lights went over Kiev, Ore pier and a good dozen villages. Over Dalnegorsk were 14 UFO, and 5 of them had searched earth rays.

The military went crazy: one of the UFOs was held at a height of 150 m above the headquarters of the naval brigades in the village Timothy, leaving a mark on the radar screens. Declared war anxiety, but "plate" already gone.

As in the case with the Height 611, witnesses of a great multitude... for Example, the sailor Sergey Rakhiv told: "We have finished work on a cargo ship "Alexander Serafimovich" and went to the pier, when appeared in the sky object. Metallic colors, behind the flame length of several tens of meters. Noise no not published, hung over the cargo ship, and then went along the shore. We got scared and hid in the hold".

A member of the frontier post Geisen adds: "Object similar to the truncated cone, had Sheremetevsky Shine in front of 3-4 window. Went with the mainland with a speed of 300 km/hour. Turned on the spotlight, highlighted the village".

A head of Department FOR "Bor" Anatoly Leftists: "Huge cigar-shaped object cruised at a height of 300 meters. Radiated dazzling light. Diameter had 2,5 m, the length of 30-40 m, the size of the window of about one meter. Me, as a former pilot, it struck scary. He could not fly, but he was flying!"

Several dozens of such evidence was sent to Vladivostok and Moscow, studied in the General staff of the defense Ministry. Conclusion: it is neither military nor the astronauts have no relationship.

Then the generals of the defense got down to business seriously. "Because under the guise of UFOs can reach our territory anyone!" - decided they. Commander of the air defense of the far Eastern district contacted ufologists, and started the exchange of materials.

"I saw in the army a long time watching the UFO" - told-Conductor Valery, flipping through a stack of photocopied round seals of military units.
That's what is said in some of the reports. ... The December night a soldier in/h 62090 Alisher Saidmuradov spotted, as the space is lit up by a bright light. "Suddenly appeared like a black head. His eyes were red, and his teeth red, green, and blue. His head began to approach. I was scared, he put his hands on guard, but was unable to press, as if exhausted... Changer saw flew glowing object..."

In March 1990, metaanalytical in/h 26870 member Kravtsov caught in the wild history, recorded in the official report: "When I went out at the door he met the creature of unknown origin. I shrank back, but he, too, began to move away from me very quickly, sliding on the surface of the earth. Form resembled a ball, but was head and a swollen leg... didn't notice. Contact continued 20-25 seconds, after which I began to stutter..."

After a few months of marine brigade in the village Timothy was raised the alarm. Sentry at the warehouse gave a warning shot when oak groves out two figures, dressed in silver jumpsuits, increasing by 2.5 meters. After the shot "silver" immediately ran back. Arrived on the scene counterintelligence found on wet soil (after the rain) traces the formless "leg" - as if someone ran fins...

What's it we need?

Ufologist Century Tendon believes that UFOs are interested in everything connected with metals: iron-ore deposits, smelting plants, mining and processing plants... Other researchers argue that in places where the ore has a specific fields and radiation, which causes abnormal phenomena and hallucinations, explaining this mass vision UFO, Generally the UFO problem poses many questions.

It is unclear, for example, why after relative calm, there are bursts "plate activity"? One of the hypotheses connects it with social upheavals. Last peak flight was on restructuring. What interested plates now?

And only to the question, why do most UFO see in coastal cities and towns, ufologists have now the answer. The matter is that on our planet, they are the easiest to build underwater. Water occupies 2/3 of the Earth, to the inland areas of the ocean floor we get one any time soon. And if "tarelochnymi" a Paradise on Earth, it's under water.

Even we have come to understand that the underwater treasures of the far richer ground. Now ocean resources are playing an increasingly important role. A significant part of world production of oil and gas concentrated in the coastal areas of the ocean or on the continental shelf, the bottom of the Pacific ocean is dotted with huge balls in metallic-ore manganese nodules, dissolved in ocean water more than 70 chemical elements...

Recent studies have shown that at the bottom of the World ocean are middle ridges, divided by deep transverse faults. Of them are carried to the surface of powerful thermal currents in tens times exceeding those that were still known Here from the bowels of the planet comes out of the deep substance in the form of chloride solutions include iron, manganese, lead, etc.

In the vicinity of these "black smokers", as referred to these sources, oceanographers, all full of life, largely incomprehensible for us. It found incredible according to our notions living beings. Because they do without light, without oxygen, building its life cycle on the sulfide, estrogenom from the bowels. They are not afraid and heat - some of them live in water whose temperature reaches 60-80 degrees Celsius! The real inhabitants of Hell!

Judging by all signs, "tarelochnymi" when their technique such conditions are not terrible, but the use of our sea depths quite under force...

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Incredible" №24, 2012
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