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Страшная тайна о ветровых турбинах: они безвредныPractically any technical device causes gossip about her unhealthy. Microwave ovens, TVs, monitors, mobile phones (and most phones at the beginning of their existence), masts cellular, Wi-Fi, smart electricity meters - everything becomes a cause of concern.

Syndrome vetroparki already in the news.

The latest fashion - wind turbines, which, if you believe all the stories are, by their fatal can argue with the plagues. Claim that they lead to cancer, birth defects, and all kinds of mental health problems, not to mention her white hair, chronic fatigue, loss of concentration, weight gain, insomnia and early aging in General. Chickens cease to trot disappear earthworms, cattle and goats die in terrible agony.

And the reason is "wandering electricity".

Experts in the field of health noted that the hysteria has all the signs of ordinary psychosis: a stream of disinformation, which sometimes discern the hand of the lobbyists of fossil fuels, which may lead to nervous disorders sensitive and not too savvy person.

Doctors doubt that wind turbines are harmful to health, for the following reasons. First, windmills appeared about 20 years ago, and now, worldwide there are about 200 thousand units. But for the first time that they become a cause of disease, spoke only ten years later, when the Duo rural doctors from the UK and Australia made a loud statement that was distributed Newspapers and which have not appeared in scientific journals. The turbine was accused of causing chronic diseases like lung cancer and skin, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and stroke. One of the high priests of the new religion Sarah Lori from Australia says that you have to stand in mind windmill twenty minutes. But where is the epidemic that under such conditions would have been inevitable?

Secondly, wind farms are created only in certain regions, and almost all of them work without complaints from the local population. Only some become the object of the anathema, even before commissioning. Why residents of Germany and Denmark almost not complain? Why complaints rare in Western Australia, but widely spread in the East of the Green continent?

Opponents of wind energy admit that not all sick: bad is only the most susceptible. How then to explain the existence of entire regions and countries with completely impervious population?

Striking following: complain mainly those who have not succeeded to sell or lease their land by mining and energy companies. Australian village is in such decline that sometimes this is the only chance to improve their business.

Opponents argue that the owners of land close their mouths reservations about privacy, so they can't tell us about diseases. However, the people saw the contracts, as expected, did not find them in similar requirements (by the way, violate the law).

Apply apocryphal stories about what many had to leave the house. Addresses so unhappy for whatever reason, are not included. However, it is difficult to argue with the fact that now, in times of decay of village life, some really throw property that cannot be sold, and that somehow goes by denying climate change.

Meanwhile held for 17 studies that have shown that the risk petroferm health corresponds to the design documentation and insignificant.

All previous concerns about the danger of new equipment for health was dissolved, once the public is accustomed to new devices. Who now remembers the hysteria around the masts for cellular communication, the peak of which in the developed countries was at the end of the nineties?

Prepared according to NewScientist.
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