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Человека от зверя отделяет только один ген A group of scientists has identified a molecule of RNA, which is unique to man. Only one gene separates us from the animals.

An international team of scientists have discovered a gene found only in humans but not primates and other animals. Apparently, this gene has played a key role in the rapid evolutionary changes in the human brain. Thanks to him we learned how to use sophisticated tools and talking.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh, who worked together with scientists from China and Germany, compared the genetic code of a person with genomes 11 animals, including chimpanzees, gorillas, mice, dogs and chickens. They tried to find the differences between people and animals and found one gene, called miR-941 and characteristic only for man.

This gene is only one of many short molecules that contain ribonucleic acid, which are called micro-RNAS. He is active in parts of the brain that are responsible for decision making and the ability to speak. According to scientists, this gene could play a role in the development of more complex features that have made us human. For the first time in the history shows that the newly discovered gene has a specific function in the human body.
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