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Ученые нашли способ предсказать время смерти человека American scientists have found a way to accurately predict the time of day when the person most likely to die from stroke or heart attack. This factor is determined by the particular combination in the human genotype, writes Daily Mail.

A team of researchers from the Department of neurology at the medical center BIDMC in Boston (Massachusetts) found this combination accidentally, during the research, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's.

In research took part 1,2 thousands of healthy 65-year-old Americans. The researchers studied the condition of these people during sleep. During experiments they found in the sets of chromosomes subjects molecule, consisting of a nitrogenous base adenine (hereinafter referred to as (A) and guanine (G). A and G may be present in the human genome in different combinations.

Adenine and guanine are organic compounds that are part of the DNA. Scientists estimate that there is a 36% probability that in the genome of a particular person would be genetic combination AA, 16% probability for a combination of GG and 48% probability that in the genes will be present couple AG.

Also found that people with a genetic combination AA usually Wake up an hour earlier holders combination GG. Scientists have also found that people with genotypes AA AG or have a high probability of dying from a stroke or heart attack in the morning to 11 hours. And people with genotype GG most likely going to be killed for the same reason, in the afternoon, in the period until 6 PM.

"Internal clock regulates many aspects of human biology and behaviour. They also determine when events such as stroke and heart attack" - says the study's lead author Andrew lim.

"Thus, in fact there is a gene that predicts the time of day when you die. Not the date of death, fortunately, but the time of the day" - stressed the head of the Department of neurology medical center BIDMC Clifford Saper.
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