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Некоторые люди обладают способностью видеть звукиA new study in the UK showed that some people have the ability to see sounds, as part of their brain responsible for visual performance, very little.

The phenomenon, called "sound-flash"when two beeps to be accompanied by light signals, you can see another flash of light. A second flash of light, in fact, an illusion.

This ability of people due to the anatomical structure of their brains. A new study in the UK showed that some people have the ability to see sounds, as part of their brain responsible for visual performance, very little.

"Some people see more flash each time after a series of beeps, some see it every time, and some even can't see it," said study co-author Benjamin de Haas of the University of London in its report for the magazine LiveScience.

The researchers used magnetic resonance imaging to observe the activities of the brain 29 volunteers under the influence of light and sound signals.

On average, 62 percent of the participants had seen the illusion.

"If we see something, we expect that what we see is identical with what I see other people, but our experiments showed that it is not, " said de Haas. The experiment showed that what we see is not the ultimate truth, and the result depends, first of all, from the anatomy of the brain."

The brain can compensate for feelings if there is an ambiguity of visual information, especially if the action is fast.

"We assume that the reason lies in the peculiarities of the structure of the brain. If the flow of neurons to areas responsible for visual perception, small, this acts like a camera with a small number of mega pixels, which gives low image quality," says the scientist.

It is assumed that part of sensations is compensated by hearing, as moving objects are usually accompanied by a noise.

But only the fourth part of illusions can be explained by differences in brain structure. And it is unknown whether such effect in respect of other audio-visual illusions.

"Monitoring is a direct and immediate way to learn more about the world, but it affects a very large number of factors: hearing, sight, brain structure, and who knows what else?" - completed the de Haas its report to LiveScience.

The study results were published by the Royal Society on 24 October 2012.
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