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В Италии без лишнего шума проходит встреча Бильдербергского клубаWhile most attention is riveted to every detail, it seems that the Bilderberg made something that some have called the unscheduled Roman meeting.

And although much of the European press keeps on this issue silence that unfortunately inherent niches media of any country, some Italian Newspapers still tell some details concerning the meeting.

According to the website 21stCenturyWire, the agenda of the meeting is focused around the fate of such EU countries as Italy, Spain and Greece, the three States have been hit hard by the global crisis derivatives and subsequently imposed austerity measures.

Various Newspapers from all over Italy write about what to discuss the events unfolding within the mock crisis, Palatine meeting in Rome were called about 80 members of the Bilderberg club, in particular its steering Committee.

In complete contrast with the traditional for the Bilderberg group methods of maintaining secrecy, such as the removal of entire hotel for days to release them to the conference of the guests and even some of the staff, this Italian meeting is taking place at the same time as another popular event, Rome film festival.

Thus, it seems that instead gather in the atmosphere of top secrecy, the Bilderberg tries to hide his perfidy everyone's mind, mingling with the rest of the crowd actors, Actresses, Directors and universal celebrities.

In this case, we can assume that the strategy of the organization was to use film as a cover for visitors. If at the "Hotel de Russi" - spectacular location both in terms of the festival and meeting somebody noticed, you can always say that it is linked exclusively with visiting film festival, to give a short interview about the significance of cinema in the life of Italy and his favorite movie, and for the most part to remain deprived of attention because of roaming around these stars.

The budget of the Rome meeting is a mockery and undisguised contempt to the "little people", says Jay JI Vibs on the website of the Intel Hub, estimated to Italian newspaper he will make about 100 thousand Euro 80 audience.

According to Italian website DagoSpia.com the list of visitors looks like this:

Enrico Letta (Deputy Secretary of the centre-left Democratic party of Italy; hereinafter - approx. mixednews.ru), Enrico Bondi (CEO Parmalat; approx.) Mario Monti, Malice de Vogel (orgsummary; approx.) Corrado of the passer (Minister of economic development of Italy; approx.) education Minister Francesco Profumo, Paola Severino (Minister of justice; approx.) Elsa Fornero (Minister of labour; approx.) Giuliano Amato (former Prime Minister of Italy; approx.) the President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, Lilli Gruber (Italian TV presenter on the private channel La7; approx.) Enrico of Mentana (Director La7; approx.) Franco Bernabe (Chapter Telecom Italia; approx.) The de among Bortoli (chief editor of the newspaper Il Corriere della Serra; approx.) Wendelin von Bredow (journalist, The Economist; approx.) Mauro Moretti (Director General operator of the Italian railway network Ferrovie dello Stato; approx.) from CGIL (Italian General Confederation of labour; approx.) the General Director Mediobanca Alberto Nagel, Chairman of the AGCOM (Italian regulator mass communications; approx.) Angelo Gimbals, Federico Ghizzoni of UniCredit, Enrico Teaspoons from Intesa, Fulvio Conti from Enel, President of RAI Anna Marion of Tarantola, President of CIR (Compagnie Industriali Riunite, industrial holding; approx.) Rodolfo De Benedetti, and the Chairman of the Bank of Italy Ignazio visco.
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