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Подсказки с того светаThe blessed memory of the departed to a better world relatives stores each family. We remember them, because our memory they need. And they remember us, even cared for his remaining. Most often departed relatives come to us in dreams, and it is important to understand their signals converted to a living. Probably each of us can tell its exciting and instructive story about the unseen and unknown another connection between the two worlds.

Contact with the other world happens more often than you would think

The promise of Mr Zenovia
The Ukrainian Carpathian town Tlumach. And in this city recently lived somebody pan blessed zenovii N. (Blessed zenovii, abbreviated Senyk - Western option name Zinoviy. - Approx. as amended). It deeply religious and hardworking, knew and respected citizens. He was working, and for additional earnings diluted nutria, the demand for skins and meat which never fell. Blessed zenovii was known as a man lean, saving money is understood that his grandson should get a good education, and the wife and daughter to live with dignity.

Died blessed zenovii at the age of 82 in may 2011, from throat cancer. To say the last two weeks of his life he could not, but shortly before he lost his voice, he managed to say to his wife strange words. First, he asked her not to be afraid when one night he come in guests. And he said further that hid a considerable amount of money for him, for his grandson. Died blessed zenovii the next day after Easter.

The ghostly visitor

After the funeral, the family looked for the mentioned money, but found nothing. Even the furnace in the house was prostojali - alas. But then came the incredible. On the ninth day after the death of pan blessed zenovii appeared in a dream to the wife.

She, on his own memories, reproached her husband: where, they say, put all documents house book, because the house needs to be reissued, and where documents, nobody knows. And Senyk in response and said, "Go into the closet, there under a bag of corn are all papers in the folder. Not trusting herself, wife Zenovia with her daughter and grandson Bohdan went to the closet. There under a heavy bag really lay documents. To find them without the help it would be simply impossible.

On the eve of the fortieth day after his death blessed zenovii again came in a dream to the wife. Soothing, said that in the new world it is good that after repentance, God forgave him and gave unheard of to see the beauty of another world. In the next coming of the husband the wife broke down and asked him: is it true that he hid the accumulated money, and if so, where? The husband replied that the money buried in the garden, under the Apple tree white filling and place designated by wire stuck in the ground.

Grandson Bogdan, five minutes to the student, at the request of the grandmother took a shovel and went into the garden. After some time, excited, returned: he dug a huge Bank, which lay in tight wads of hundred dollar bills, wrapped in cellophane. Women lost the gift of speech. Now it was possible to pay for the coming five-year study of Bohdan at the Institute.
Next time pan blessed zenovii said that hid still a lot of money in hryvnias... Now wife and daughter waiting for when he will reveal his secret. Because the family is not rich, and the money they Oh so necessary.

Above the hustle and temptations

However, despite the unlikelihood of this story is similar cases are not uncommon. Probably one of the first recorded at the Kievo-Pechersk Paterikon, compiled in the XV century.

So, Kiev-Pechersk monk Fedor saw a dream: at some place in the Kyiv cave monastery dug a great treasure. Arriving at specified in the vision of the place - one of Lavra caves, - he began to dig and found a treasure, as it is written in the lives of the fathers, "Latin vessels", which were kept in the "Zlata and srebra countless".

Seeing treasures, Fedor thought that he is the devil tempts him with wealth, and again buried treasure, but in another place.

About the discovery learned the Prince of Kiev, who ordered the arrest of a monk and deliver it to yourself.
But as neither asked the Prince, no matter how they tortured monk, he revealed the secret perepechenova gold. It seems that today this treasure lies somewhere in the Lavra caves.

There are a curious incident connected with the mysteries of treasures, her dead. In the town of Baryshevka not far from Kiev, one of my friends had buried the old mother.

I must say that he is a man of strong drinks, and on this ground he had with his mother always had conflicts.
After the funeral, the mother came to my friend in a dream and said, that forgives him. And yet - that he was not spent for the funeral of nine and forty days - they say, will tell him where he hid the bottle with vodka. Indeed, nine days before she again appeared in a dream, indicated the place in the garden, where he was buried first huge bottle (and found), as before, forty days reveals the secret of where to look for a second.
It would seem that a curiosity. But after these dreams, the man just quit drinking, realizing that there are powers that stand above the earth's bustle and temptations.

Help your parents

A similar case was with my childhood friend Alexander Hours from Kiev. At the end of secondary school grandfather and grandmother, with whom he lived (Alexander's parents died in a car accident), reported that their old house will be demolished, and they will give a new apartment. And now, after the news about the upcoming changes in a dream to my friend came father and mother and asked that before the crossing he was in no hurry to lay things, and carefully examined their dilapidated housing, everything was protocal. It could be useful to it in the future.

Alexander did so. The dream was prophetic. In the old pre-revolutionary house was already not working wood-burning stove. It Sasha found between bricks hiding place with a huge number of gold coins. The treasure, as was supposed, he transferred to the state.
But put 25% of the cost of the treasure found his boy had to move to a new apartment, buy all the furniture, construction on a new place.

It only remains to thank our intercessors who remember us.
And we must not forget about them. Thanks to them, we, the living, convinced again and again that in addition to our physical world is another world.
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