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Toshiba представила шагающего роботаHeld on the days of the presentation of the four-legged walking robot Toshiba most memorable software failure: the next step on the ladder leading upwards, ON the robot hung, and engineers had to reboot it. Well, only the experimental unit... But why the Japanese have it on public display to full debugging?

The concept seems, does not possess a remarkable ability: with a weight of 65 kg load-carrying capacity 20 kg, it is able to move rapidly in just two hours, with maximum (yet) speed walk 1 km/h gives a small range.

Why did it right, you ask, when there is a tested and reliable iRobot Warrior 710 and other tracked vehicles that can operate on a rescue specialty?

The answer is simple: Toshiba believes that the current robots imperfect. Caterpillar decent cross, and wheeled have high speed and efficiency. But caterpillar this gluttonous, and wheeled too malpractise. Yes and tracked in many cases are not able to effectively move through the ruins: at a high altitude wreckage they will find themselves in the position of the tank, surrounded Natalbany. Walking the new robot system and even electric - in contrast to hydraulic BigDog and his descendant LS3.

According to Toshiba, the electrical system seriously reduce, simplify and make less heavy just a robot. In addition, the "legs" for the first time equipped with sensitive okoncovke of soft elastic material, which as if trying to touch the extent the carrying capacity of the surface which is leg. In conditions of staggering levels and floors, this feature will not be useless.

By the way, as an option the robot is developed by "hand", is not only able to conduct independent manipulation with external dosimeter and other equipment, but also "to carry", and then "release" smaller reconnaissance robot that will easily penetrate into narrow channels and ducts.

Based on the materials of IEEE Spectrum.
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