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Ученые: Тайны генома улиток позволят человеку жить до 500 летScientists of Australia believe that a person can not get old. According to scientists, this discovery was possible thanks to the snails. Experts believe that in snails have the ability to slow the aging process during hibernation. In case if it will be possible to identify these genes, it will contribute to the prolongation of human life. According to biologists, some snails can prolong his life from 3 to 23 years, which can be compared with the prolongation of human life up to 500 years.

At the moment scientists make every effort to identify these genes "of non-aging". However, they note that genes snails and human similar to 50 percent. This suggests a theoretical possibility of the presence of snail genes in the human body.

Biologists argue that snails are unusually tenacious - approximately 15 percent of snails, which are eaten by birds, able to survive after the digestive process.

Genetics know how to extend the life of 30 - 35 years

Expert of the Center of biotechnology and gene therapy at the University of Barcelona has created a unique method, which was successfully tested on a group of experimental mice

Genetics are confident that the use of such technology will allow a realistic and without harm to make life longer than 30 - 35 years.

The expert in the course of gene therapy was attended by two groups of animals - and in both scientists have achieved a rejuvenating effect: in one, the average life span of mice was extended by 24 percent, another 13 percent in comparison with conventional indicators. Experts say that the results of the study with confidence prove possible to apply the technique of gene therapy in human life. In particular, it can help delay the onset of many diseases associated with aging, such as osteoporosis and occurrence of insulin resistance.

The mainstay of therapy laid mastered geneticists technology implementation in human DNA of the virus, influencing telemetry - part, which is made up of chromosomes, which determine the work of the biological clock in the body and is largely responsible for the process of aging. This virus is able to suppress telemetry, followed by more intensive regeneration of cells and the mechanism of aging on the contrary, becomes much slower. However, this process cannot continue indefinitely until such time as telomeres finally discharged ability to carry out their immediate functions. Margin allowing to control them, is 30 - 35 years. Precisely at this time, with the correct approach, it may be extended life expectancy of a man, believed to geneticists. Particularly impressive is the fact that this difference was lame would not for a period of older age, and could evenly distributed throughout life.

The problem is that the conduct of such tests in humans is extremely difficult dilemma from the perspective of ethical standards. In the human body telemetry are only present before birth and during the first few months of life, and there are only two types of cells, allowing to identify the data types DNA stem cells and cancer cells. The paradox, but just telomeres, which can make the dream of eternal youth human reality, attach to cancer cells extraordinary vitality and allow us to grow and multiply infinitely.
Life can be extended and simple ways

Not only through the scientists can extend the life of man. This can also help some simple rules, which do not require special expenses and habits.

So, after research, European dermatologists have found that eating a daily few slices of dark chocolate, you can prevent the appearance of wrinkles and reduce the risk of cancer of the skin.

As it turned out, the longest live and feel the people spending a lot of time in traffic. Here I mean not only fitness, but also the work on the house and garden, walking with my grandchildren and pet, shopping trips.

The issue of increasing life expectancy was concerned person at all times. As one of variants for these purposes is treated selenium, which is included together with zinc, calcium, potassium part more than 200 of hormones and enzymes of the body, regulating the work of all organs and systems. 80% of energy (ATP) the person formed with the participation of selenium.
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