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В Сибири обитают около 200 Йети?Professor Valentin Sapunov from the Russian state hydrometeorological University aroused the anger of many scientists of his claim that scientific tests, including testing DNA showed that samples of hair, was found in a remote cave Siberia, belong to the male unknown mammal.

Now he went even further, claiming that in the forest area Kemerovo, Khakassia and Altai there are about 200 Yeti. This number allows them to maintain their population and survive. Hair, which, according Sapunov, belong Yeti, were found in the Kemerovo region in 2600 km to the East from Moscow.

But other Russian experts expressed their opposition to the theory of Professor Sapunov, saying that while none of the Yeti was never caught, any statements about its existence groundless.

According to Russian scientists, if Sapunov has really done a serious job and has real proof, it shall be published in a scientific journal.

In his defense, Professor Sapunov said that "every science needs its Yeti, adding that Fermat's last theorem led to great advances in mathematics for more than 350 years before it was solved in 1995.
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