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Всё во имя науки: НАСА разрушит новый космический аппаратNASA scientists are conducting the work associated with the establishment of the satellite, which was not launched into outer space, and purposefully will be destroyed on Earth.

DebriSat - satellite, which weighs 50 kg, will double modern spacecraft, located in low-earth orbit. "Double" in the sense that at manufacturing of the satellite will be used the same components, materials and production processes. But being manufactured and tested, satellite expects a sad end, he is doomed.

Image: the space can be "full of junk fragments", resulting from a satellite collision.

The satellite will serve as a target for the upcoming experiment associated with the collision of two space objects. The goal of the experiment is the study of the physical characteristics of fragments, which are formed as a result of the collision of the satellites. The data associated with the size of pieces, weight, form will allow scientists to assess the risk of potential collisions satellites with rubble available on orbits.

J. C. Liou division at NASA tracking of orbital debris (NASA Orbital Debris Program Office) said that some data on the distribution of large fragments can be obtained through a network of Deep Space Network. But the data SSN limited to 10 cm fragments or objects with large sizes. Laboratory experiments it is necessary to collect data concerning fragments of smaller scale".

J. C. Liou said that after testing, experts from the University of Florida will gather all the pieces, the size of which does not exceed 2 mm, about the thickness of Nickel. The dimensions of the resulting fragments will be measured. The data will be sent Centre of space and missile systems (Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center). Next NASA uses this information when making models of the satellite.
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