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Украинская разработка вошла в число лучших изобретений нынешнего года по версии TimeTime magazine decided not to wait for the end of the year (and maybe in America already pre-holiday mood or they simply took over Ukrainian tradition "to catch up to the elections" - only their own and presidential) and already in the beginning of November has started to sum up the results, published a selection of the most successful and/or important inventions 2012. For us, this rating is of particular interest because in the list came startup Ukrainian students - Enable Talk, which in July, won one of the most prestigious nominations of the competition Microsoft Imagine Cup.

Gloves Enable Talk are designed to facilitate communication, and with it socialization of people who have congenital problems with hearing. Sensors gloves track the position of the hand in space, bending the fingers and transmit the data to a PC or mobile device. Special software analyzes formed hands and fingers character and if he belongs to a known sign language translates it into word and displays on the screen.

All experts of the magazine chose 26 different developments and divided them into several categories according to the cost of the product. For example, gloves Enable Talk were estimated at $75. Among the most successful, but also the most expensive (the cost of more than $1 billion) of the creations of the human mind was Curiosity Rover. The rating also got some inventions about which we spoke, in particular, robot-assistant Baxter and self-inflating tires Goodyear, and just a very well-known projects - sunglasses Google Glass and electric car Tesla Model s
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