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Под Луганском нашли останки мамонта 30-тысячелетней давностиArcheologists say that the age of the bones is from 10 to 30 thousand years.

Mammoth bones around the city of Happiness Luhansk region archaeologists East-Ukrainian University. Vladimir Dahl found the remains of a mammoth. Recently the local people in the village found the bones of some giant animals. But what they didn't know: therefore decided to consult Lugansk archaeologists. Read also: Russia boy found the carcass of a mammoth with fragments of a skin and bodies "We have found the bones of mammoths, bison, and giant Irish deer - unique paleontological collection. The bone age from 10 to 30 thousand years. What we found is amazing: not every day that you see a bone of the mammoth size Polstra" - said the head of the public organization "Lugansk archeological Union" Alexey Brieuc. According to him, this finding can be attributed to the unique location of paleofauna.

Such places on the territory of the Lugansk region is very small. In addition, the existence of ancient bones suggests that it is quite possible that the people living there - there Paleolithic. It is worth noting that until recently discovered is placed in the Lugansk region were isolated finds, for example, found a mammoth teeth or bones. In this case all the bones were lying in anatomical order.
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