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Ученые Днепропетровска заявили, что конца света в 2012 не будетThe death of the Earth have been predicting for a long Millennium. And now, we are on the threshold of the next Apocalypse. The end of the world-phraseological unit, which means a real threat to the extinction of all people and the planet.

Nuclear war, famine, environmental catastrophes, swarvski the Sun and the revolt of artificial intelligence... which only reason not voiced by scientists, visionaries and just crazy.

It should be noted that in the current year, at least once people have already died. Scientists have predicted the death on the basis of abnormally strong flares on the Sun.

At the moment the most "popular" end of the world - 21-22 December 2012. This is the last day of the Mayan calendar. It is believed that approaching the inversion of the magnetic field of the Earth (the pole shift - approx. author). Presumably, the last time this phenomenon has occurred 780 thousand years ago.

Another popular theory is a collision with a wandering planet Nibiru. The idea was put forward in 1995 Nancy Leader. The woman said that he come in contact with aliens and they put her implant directly into the brain. Through him Nancy allegedly receives information directly from the Higher beings.

In may of current year it became known that a group of archaeologists under the direction of William Saturno from the University in Boston in one of the largest Mayan cities Sultone dug up an interesting discovery.

Scientists say that the end of the world "postponed" for another seven thousand years, according to calculations and records of the scribe Maya found on the walls of the home.

Dnepropetrovsk scientists believe - after the fifth era of the Mayan calendar will eventually start the sixth, but not the expected Apocalypse.

Astrologers claim that natural disasters occur regularly and should not be associated with mystical dates. Experts are asked people not to panic and to prepare for the meeting of the new era and the New year.

Moreover, the cases of mass psychoses on the soil of another Apocalypse, too, have become the norm. The Internet is full of humorous and threatening videos related to the approaching date 21.12.2012.

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