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onua.org » Snow man » The voice of "Bigfoot" found in the record crypto-linguist U.S. Navy near Kansas city
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Bigfoot or "snow man" haunting in remote areas of the United States, including in the area of Missouri near Kansas city.

What Scott Nelson hears in his headphones strange, uneasy and inexplicable.
"Yes, I heard he says. And you will hear, as he says here, through the moment"," replied Nelson, when asked whether he thinks that Bigfoot exists.

Nelson left the Navy after the 17-year career as a crypto-linguist,dealing with the interception of communications of Russian and their decoding. Currently he is a Professor in the College of Ventvort (Wentworth), in Missouri. Due to the fact that I did in the Navy, having spent years and thousands of hours of accelerating human voice and slowing it down, I could detect the language only in vocalizations"said onlocuita were captured on audio-cassette in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, a group of hunters in the early 70's Godovalov stumbled upon them a few years ago, helping her son to write an article about snow man."I said," Steve, here is someone's speech. He asks: "Papa, what can it be? It sounds as if a group of monkeys arguing with me. I said, "We must slow down the sound, as my father did in the Navy"When it happened, said Nelson,he immediately knew three things about the sound that he had heard. № 1 - he heard it, № 2 - it was not human, and # 3 is not podelcoma at this point, Nelson began to believe in Bigfoot and became a researcher.

The number of messages about seeing increased, it became more and more acceptable for people to come out and say," I had a strange experience, that I was horrified, and I have to tell about the incident, "said onw really, Bigfoot never watched. There seems to be new, Amateur video from Sasquatch, which played more often. Most famous, of course, are shooting Patterson, made in 1967

Skeptics say that each of the video is a fake. But Nelson says that not only Bigfoot is real, but that he is here, right in our yard.

"A big, giant, hairy tribal"says Nelson. "In Missouri everywhere tell about him for over 100 years."

Nelson said there were numerous reports of activity "Bigfoot" up and down the corridor of the Missouri river.

"There are two places in Missouri, right here in 10 minutes, called the Mountain of monkeys (Monkey Mountain). Now we understand why the pioneers of the so-called "the Mountain of monkeys" - he said.

Nelson suggested to bring journalists of TV channel KCTV5 in nearby places, where, as he said, there was a lot of activity Bigfoot, and TV accepted the invitation. On the results of their trip will be discussed in the next releases of the program "Persons Kansas city" in the evening news.
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