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Весточка от инопланетянSensational message of the American astronomers made on the first day of autumn, went unnoticed, although at other times, this event would be devoted editorials all leading Newspapers of the world. After all, it was about getting from space radio signal, having, apparently, artificial origin.

It has been more than three weeks, but during this time none of the reputable skeptics of the scientific world has failed to convincingly refute the bold assumption that humans finally got this message from aliens. The authors sensation of steel American scientists from the National astronomy and ionosphere center of the University of Berkeley in California. September 1, on pages of authoritative magazine New Scientist reported that they were able to fix a radio signal with artificial origin. The signal, called SHGb02+14a, was discovered by the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico in the framework of the international programme on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence by using distributed computing SETI@home.

The signal is contrary to the laws of nature

18 March 2003 astronomers from UC Berkeley made Arecibo antenna on those areas of the starry sky that provided the most suspicious signals. Confirm managed only one - SHGb02+14a. Very weak signal was recorded three times. Its total length was just a minute.

This, of course, not enough for a full analysis, but as carefully noticed one of the leaders of the project, astronomer from the University of Berkeley Dr. Dan Werthimer, "SHGb02+14a - the most interesting signal for the whole history of the program SETI@home. We do not jump to the ceiling with joy, but continue to watch him". His colleagues were not so reticent in expressions, and one voice announced the long-awaited message from aliens. It is fair to say that the reason they had, and very serious.

Mysterious signal radiated from a point situated somewhere between the constellation Pisces and Aries. No one is known to astronomers star or planetary systems within 1 thousand light years from Earth in this district. However, the head of the Russian Scientific and cultural center SETI lion ghindilis rightly noted for "NO": "there is Nothing to indicate that the source of the signal is so far from Earth. He can be located in interstellar space, and directly in the Solar system, after all, what kind of object emits radio frequency energy, we do not know".

In addition, the signal SHGb02+14a was caught at a frequency of 1420 MHz. It is at this frequency radiates and absorbs energy neutral atomic hydrogen, the most abundant element in the Universe. Back in the 60-ies of the last century, the founding fathers SETI suggested that the aliens if they wish to contact us, please use this frequency. "Narrow band of radiation itself is alarming, because natural objects pulsars, quasars, stars, interstellar gas, etc. - emit the energy at all possible frequencies, - comments "discovery of the century" lion ghindilis. "However, much more strange thing.

First SHGb02+14a was registered as a signal with constant frequency, and then she started to change dramatically - from 8 to 37 Hertz per second. If we assume that we are dealing with natural object, it should rotate around its axis with velocity - about 40 times faster than the Earth. Honestly, to imagine that it could be difficult for me. But everything falls into place, assuming that the radio signal emitting object has an artificial origin".

According to our interlocutor, such modulation signal could be laid specifically to the Terrans had noticed him, because the natural astronomical objects emit either constant or variable frequency. "Specialists SETI long assumed that if the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations will want to contact us, they will send a signal, a priori contrary to the laws of nature, says Mr. ghindilis. - It is fair to say that once we have a floater.

In the framework of the work on the program of The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is one of the leading specialists SETI discovered object with a red and violet spectral shift. All seemed to say that he has an artificial origin. Simply put, we spotted an alien spacecraft, which was closer to the Earth, giving blueshift, was removed from her, causing red shift.

Subsequent studies, however, showed that the mysterious object is just a star, releasing with true gas in diametrically opposite directions". With the conclusions of a Russian scientist agree with his colleagues from other departments of SETI. So, American Eric Korpela said that "signal, such SHGb02+14a, can modulate none of the known astronomical objects".

Natural phenomenon or tricks hackers? Not excluded, however, that we are dealing with an unknown natural phenomenon, the benefit of such cases in the history of the hunt for extraterrestrial intelligence already were. In 1967, the astronomers detected the pulsating radio and hastened to write them off on the activity of aliens. However, it was later revealed that the source of the radio emission is a pulsar, a rotating neutron star, rend powerful directional beams of radiation. "It is not excluded that this time we will open a whole new class of astronomical objects, but in any case it will be a new word in science", - Savill "NO", the Director of Astro-space center of Lebedev physical Institute of the RAS Nikolai Kardashev.

Other possible version of the appearance of the mysterious radio not so romantic. Chief astronomer at the SETI Institute Seth Shostak suggests that he may be generated by the Arecibo telescope, which has a fixed dish-reflector diameter of 305 meters and looking at the heavens, changing the position of the receiver relative to this mirror. It is not excluded, that at a certain position of the earth waves could be reflected by the dish and received back as a signal coming from space. Check out this version just need to listen SHGb02+14a others
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