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Наблюдения метеоровMeteors, or "falling stars" is the light phenomena in the Earth's atmosphere caused by the invasion of small solid particles with a speed of 15 to 80 km/sec.

The mass of these particles is usually no more than a few grams, and often is fractions of a gram. Warming from the friction of the air, such particles heated, crushed and dispersed at the height of 50-120 km Everything phenomenon lasts from fractions up to 3-5 seconds.

The brightness and color of a meteor depend on the mass of meteoric particles and the value of velocity relative to the Earth. "Counter" meteor lights up at a higher level, they are brighter and whiter; "catching up" Meteora always weaker and more yellow.

In those rare cases, when the particle is sufficiently large, there is a car - a glowing ball long after him, the day is dark and the night - luminous. The appearance is often accompanied by sound effects (noise, hiss, rattle and roll of meteoroids in the Earth.

At present can be observed phenomena associated with the occurrence and combustion in an atmosphere of bodies of earthly origin of satellites, rockets and their various parts.

At a lower speed entry into the dense layers of the atmosphere (not more than 8 km/sec) luminescence occurs at a lower altitude, longer and with large size and complex structure of the body is accompanied by the disintegration into separate pieces. The resulting light effects are very diverse, and if it is impossible to estimate the real size and destruction, and, therefore, speed and direction of movement of the subject, in untrained observer can cause various descriptions and interpretations.

The majority of the observed unusual light phenomena in the atmosphere after a careful analysis explains exactly activities related to space launch. For qualified describe the observed phenomena it is necessary to remember the main points you should pay attention to compile "word picture" is happening. All assessments have to do with the words spoken aloud. Words in brief moment what is happening best remembered and subsequently less obvious in the assessment and the reality of the existence of this or that fact.
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