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В Мексике откопали священное дерево ацтековBurial age of not less than five hundred years near the Great temple of the Aztecs scientists immediately called unique.

Mexican archaeologists discovered near the site of the Great temple of Tenochtitlan disposal of pre-Hispanic period, containing a unique human remains and, reportedly, part of the "sacred tree".

Age cemetery found by archaeologists from the National Institute of history and archaeology of Mexico in the historic centre of Mexico city, is estimated at five hundred years. It is located approximately five metres below the level of the floor covered with basalt slabs. The latter were laid in the period of construction of the Great pyramid Temple of Tenochtitlan, between 1481 and 1486 years. Thus, the burial was made not later than this.

"In the Western part of the burial - a skeleton of a woman, and around - more than a thousand bones that belonged to people of all ages. Some of the bones, mainly ribs and thighs, United in complete composition", - said the chief archaeologist Raul Barrera Rodriguez (Ra?l Barrera Rodr?guez).

But together with the burial ground found even more interesting - round construction of red volcanic rock, inside of which is a tree trunk. Archeologists say that, judging by the position of the latter, this may well be one of the "sacred tree", which the ancient Aztecs were associated with vitzliputzli - one of the main characters of the Mexican mifologii, the God of sun and war, the patron Saint of Tenochtitlan and those, including, was devoted to the Great Temple.

According to Barrera, found a tomb is a unique opening for the Mexican culture. Despite the fact that in these places was previously found quite a lot of human remains, including the mass graves, the whole skeleton of an adult person, together with the bones of other people of different ages found for the first time.
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