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SpaceX готовит мегадвигатель для новой ракетыRecently it became known that the company SpaceX is developing a special engine for the new missile, which is not only more Falcon 9, but also surpass the rocket NASA SLS, can lift the space of 130 tons of cargo.

Chapter Elon Musk, SpaceX said that the new engine will be really new and not upgrading Merlin 1 with a thrust 72570 kg (712 kN)used on the Falcon 9 rocket. According to the Mask, designed engine MCT is several times more powerful Merlin and will not use fuel RP-1 kerosene and liquid oxygen). Other details Elon Musk was not informed, and only said that the new information will appear within 1-3 years.

Interestingly, in April 2012 at SpaceX already mentioned the project of the rocket engine with a thrust exceeding 680400 kg. President SpaceX Gwen Shotwell then said that the company's specialists have studied several designs of engine, but until they stopped at one in particular. Apparently, now the choice is made, and MCT is at the design stage.

The launch vehicle Falcon 9 is equipped with nine Merlin engines 1, United in one core. The launch vehicle Falcon 9 Heavy will have three core and will be able to raise to a low earth orbit to 53 tons of cargo, that is 2 times more than the most powerful for today the launch vehicle Delta IV Heavy Boeing company.

New SpaceX rocket engines MCT, apparently, will put in low earth orbit 150-200 tons payload. Transport system with these characteristics will surpass promising rocket SLS NASA (130 tons) and will open new opportunities for space exploration. So, for example, with the new SpaceX rocket space station, similar to the ISS could be collected in just 2-3 run.
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