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Альтернативная реальность. Дорога в иные мирыThe first indirect mention of the problem of parallel worlds can be found in the works of Greek and Roman philosophers of the ancient time.

The reasoning that there may be similar to you as an individual, was a prerequisite for the emergence of a new branch of physics dealing with the problem of time. Scientific information is constantly accumulating as human development, increased the list of unexplained phenomena from the point of view of the official science, stood an increasingly detailed picture of the surrounding world - theorists and practitioners come close to solving the essence of parallel worlds.

Evolution of the theory of parallel worlds

Surely the first to parallel worlds touched science-fiction writers in the late nineteenth century (H.G. wells). However, the more the possibility of the existence of alternative realities interest of scientists with only 1905 , when in the Special theory of relativity (str) the relationship of Space and Time was reflected as a mathematical notion of four-dimensional continuum. The three main parameters that describe the Space - length, width, and height - added a fourth Time. However, many doubt some properties of fourth parameter - for example, in constant Time.

In addition, physics unsuccessfully struggled over the question of "time travel" - the scientists acknowledged that theoretically chronopherapy possible, like building a time machine, but embarrassed, and he added that it is unlikely to become a reality, as "time travel" break the laws of causality (remember the "paradox killed grandfather"). Meanwhile, in 1947, was added to the UFO problem. Among the many solutions to this topic - hallucinations, the arrival of extraterrestrial civilizations from other galaxies, the new military developments warring States met and one where the text of the assumption that UFOs may come from another world, which is adjacent to ours. Gradually faded away voices of even the most inveterate skeptics. Probably because the factor of continuity of Time, the laws of causality and the UFO problem has added the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, and actual cases of penetration into the world of strangers from another region of space.

In other words, for the compensation of evidentiary support consistency of Time decided to add a fifth parameter - parallel worlds. And finally, a group of scientists led by David Oxford made the discovery that parallel universes really do exist. From the researchers ' conclusions: "In quantum mechanics about what exactly is inside the atom, cannot be said to experiments that it actually exists. Before the measurement process particles occupy unclear "superposition", in which they can have both top and bottom spin, or to appear in different places at the same time."

From this it follows that customizable branching structures arising in the splitting of the Universe on a parallel version of her, explain the probabilistic nature of the results in quantum mechanics. That is, inevitably we live only one of the many parallel worlds, and not only".
However, now clear that the resolution of all paradoxes, including building a time machine and chronopherapy, is possible only under condition of recognition of the multidimensionality of Space-Time.

Modern understanding of alternate realities

So, what we know at the moment? It should be noted immediately that the official definition of parallel worlds does not exist. Approximately it should sound like this: "Parallel world (or an alternate reality)a hypothetical world, which in most cases differs from our zero reality in any other period of history and respectively other geographical and social settings.

1. As there are parallel worlds? It is not known. In the popular scientific literature and fiction different answer to this question. Fiction writer Alexander p. Kazantsev believed that there are two parallel world (with our world - three). The first relatively us a little hurry in Time (there are arriving UFO), and the second is slightly slows development (there are "underdeveloped" snow people). There are works in which the number of Paramonov tens, hundreds or thousands. In recent times the most likely number is infinity, because of evidentiary support consistency of Time to the conclusion that any act, action or failure to act under the influence of external factors may create a separate reality. However, last year physics from Stanford University again surprised the world: they calculated the approximate number of parallel universes. As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that there can exist in about 10 1010000000 extent alternative realities. Is it much or little? You decide.

2. The phenomena associated with parallel worlds. Surprisingly, the list can be vnosimyh. Theory of parallel worlds are closely intertwined with themes such as time travel, Chrono Mirage, materialization, poltergeist, cryptozoology, relict animals, UFOs, mysterious disappearances and invisible wall, teleportation of objects and human rights and many others. UFOs can arrive and Paramonov, not only from the stars or galaxies; relict animals and mysterious disappearance - using instant teleportation from/to parallel worlds. Curious is the link of time travel and Paramonov. Interestingly, this relationship is two-way: if there's Paramonov, it is not possible and chronopherapy, and Vice versa, if not possible chronopherapy, it does not exist and Paramonov. And since there are though rare evidence of travelers from Paramonov and chronopotentiometric, and the first and second can be considered proven.

3. How to get into a parallel world? Despite the fact that the laws of the Universe accurate, it does not mean that they are infallible. Like a watch that over time can start to rush or be late, cosmic rhythms inherent to be violated and to give shifts. Last affect some reality, among which is and our world. In addition, although an alternate reality externally invisible and hidden from himself like some spatial and temporal boundaries, they may have a common point of access, the intersecting thus, each other and influencing their residents. If to map the planet and indicate on it districts UFO sightings, the most frequent places where the missing people or Vice versa appear mysterious creatures, areas of high paranormal activity and the field of space-time anomalies, reveals a mysterious sequence and succession of mysterious coincidences. All of these phenomena will be concentrated in the same geographical areas; there will be a common access point, leading to paramony so called "spatial window".

For example, the abnormal area, where often disappear and people die, it is the Mountain of the dead (Sverdlovsk region, Russia), Windy Enicov (the emergency place in the Czech Republic), Mountain Bo-Causa (dangerous for planes place, Russia), Long pass (place of disappearance of people in the USA); Black bamboo Valley (place of disappearance of people in China); "Road to nowhere" (USA), Fucking Polyana (Krasnoyarsk region, Russia) etc., Among the many areas manifestations of abnormal phenomena it is possible to allocate the Valley of Ghosts (demirdzhi, Crimea, Ukraine), the Zone of Prazer (gravityanomalies in the US), a Trap of the devil (honourable, Italy), Isle of man (Isle of ghosts, UK), the Valley of Torquilla (the"gateway to the other world", France), and so on, No less intriguing sound names of the so-called "cursed places" - Cemetery vampires (Celakovice cemetery, Czech Republic), the Valley of shadows and death (Crimea, Ukraine), Bald mountain (Ukraine), the Island Penglai (Panlilio, China), Sheehan-mountain (Gora Shaman Oath, Samara region, The RF), it is Curious that such a place is not isolated, the number amounts to many hundreds across the planet. So if you have a desire to tickle nerves and try to find my way in a parallel world, go to places that are somehow related to anomalous phenomena. However, there is no guarantee that you will be able to return.

4. What is the difference between paramony from our? Alternate reality may differ from ours as slightly (for example, such as friends, events, not the events or Vice versa occurred in your life), and drastic (another history, geography and geopolitical situation). If we assume that even our deed can create a different reality, there is nothing difficult to imagine a world where there was absolutely opposite the historical scenario. Therefore, there might be parallel universes, where there USSR, where it exists, and where it never existed. Try to answer the question, what would happen to humanity if a nuclear weapon was not invented, or the Caribbean crisis has not ended with the understanding of the American-Soviet delegations, or Bogdan Khmelnitsky victory in the national liberation war of 1648-1654 ?
There is another kind of parallel worlds.

And to characterize them on the basis of the above examples will not work, because there can act not only other laws of physics, but the reality as it is not designed for humans. This so-called "astral worlds". In fact, all alternate reality can be divided into two main groups - the material and the immaterial. The first group submits to physical laws, such worlds are different from our only by appearance (the history, geography and so on), the second group represents a variety of concepts such as good and evil, light and darkness, Yin and Yang. And, indeed, according to some conclusions philosophers in theory can exist paramony, where the main features are the darkness, evil, and the laws of physics or don't work, or work exactly the opposite (with respect to our world). Even in science there is one curious term denoting the complete opposite of the reality in which we exist, - Antiworld. But back to the astral world. It was mentioned almost from the birth of human civilization. Your right to believe or not to believe in concepts such as "magic", "witchcraft", "obsession", "demons", "ghosts" and so on, But why in all religions mention of the beings who live on the other side of the material world? Why so hours legends about the elves, mermaid, water?

Indeed, some of the stories you can immediately put to rest as fiction superstitious people who do not know that lightning is not the chariot of Perun, but only a powerful electric discharge. It's funny that even the venerable scientists yield to eyewitnesses, at least because they could not many people in different countries and under different circumstances happened mass hallucinations. If you follow the conclusions of the experts-parapsychologists, in the astral world is inhabited by the entity that enters our reality through abnormal "open-funnel" (typical examples are the Bermuda triangle, Kursk magnetic anomaly, "cursed places where there are electromagnetic and time anomalies, or when a person tries to attract attention to yourself by buying a small book on black magic and beginning to hold rituals, not understanding impending consequences. Hence there are phenomena, which in Christianity is called the "demonism", the official science - "schizophrenia", and in parapsychology - "the introduction of a foreign entity. Astral worlds are closely intertwined with our material world, at least for the reason that there are many points of intersection. Actually, each of us is constantly in the astral plane is enough to remember dreams or the feeling of "deja vu".

Aliens from parallel worlds

In Newspapers and magazines of the early XX century was rare reports of mysterious occurrences, which may well be attributed to the displacement of alternative realities. For example, many parapsychologists do not forget to mention the case of that time, when Paris was detained persons suffering from amnesia, in a pocket, which found a strange map. The only thing that confused representatives of Themis is the fact that the Earth is shown in figure radically different from ours.

But in March 1623 in Paris "none of the townspeople could not feel secure, no girl or woman could not be assured of their honor". In the district of the Marais quarter, according to historians, was like hooligans "six invisibility of the order of the Rose and cross", which was even kicked out of local residents from their homes!

In 1850 in Stratford (Connecticut, USA) 12-year-old Gary Phelps unknown force was beaten, was lifted in the air, Stukalo head on the ceiling was lowered into the water tank and tearing at his clothes rags!

In 477-517, and from may 1876 to 1879 in Nanjing (China) appeared invisible "demons", strigosa people braids on the streets. Similar cases have occurred in 1873 (Wisconsin, USA; young girl standing beside his mother, suddenly felt as someone cuts off her hair almost to the roots and they disappear without a trace), and 1922, (on the crowded streets of London hair in young beauties had otrazilis themselves and disappeared, and the wife of the local Bishop someone potravnova hair with fire!),

More strange thing happened in 1939 to 1941 with the famous writer Yevgeny Petrov, who was a strange and rare hobby - all his life he collected the envelopes from their own letters. He acted in the following way: would send an email in any country (except the name of the state, he invented - city, street, house number, the name of the recipient), and after some time the envelope was returned, already decorated with foreign stamps, the main of which was "the target is incorrect". However, in April 1939, the fate played a trick on him.

As a new target Petrov chose the postal office of New Zealand. All coordinates, except the name of the country, the writer, of course invented: city Hagberd-villas, street Ratbek, house № 7 and destination - Merrill of Odin Misli. The text of the letter in English was as follows: "Dear Merrill! Accept sincere condolences in connection with the death of uncle Pete. Be strong, man. I'm sorry I didn't write. I hope that with Ingrid's all right. Kiss my daughter from me. She probably quite large. Your Evgeny". All this he put in an envelope on which was written the return address, and the letter was sent as registered and urgent. Two months later, because it did not return, Evgeny Petrov began to forget him. But then came August, and he waited... email back. First, the writer thought over it someone decided to make a joke, but when he read the return address, the irony as the wind blew. On the envelope was written: "New Zealand, Hagberg-villas, Rythmic, 7, Merrill of Odin Mysli".

This was confirmed and blue stamp "New Zealand, mail Hagberd-villas". The text of the letter reads: "Dear Eugene! Thank you for your condolences. Absurd death of uncle Pete knocked us out of the rut of six months. I hope you will forgive me for the delay in writing. We Ingrid often remember those two days that you were with us. Gloria quite large and autumn will go in the 2nd class. She still keeps the bear, which you she brought from Russia. Your friend". Petrov was never in New Zealand, but most of all knocked him out of the rut is not the writing itself, but the photo is put into the envelope, where Eugenia (that is him!) hugging a stranger strong. On the back was written, "October 9, 1938". The writer just fainted because he perfectly remembered that on 9 October 1938 he was hospitalized with severe pneumonia.

To put the point in this story, Petrov sent another letter to New Zealand, but the answer did not wait: 1 September 1939 started world war II; he became a military correspondent of "Pravda" and "Informbureau", and in 1942 his plane that he was flying in the centre of the fighting, was missing. On the same day on the mailbox Petrov received a letter from Merrill, Mysli. Last admired the courage of the Soviet people, and feared for the life of his friend: "I was afraid, when you began to swim in the lake. The water was very cold. But you said you're gonna crash on the plane, not to drown. Please be careful - fly as possible... ".

In 1954 in Japan during the passport control at one of the hotels detained suspicious foreigner. In principle, his passport was in order, except that the document was issued by the government of the state of Tuareg, which never existed in our reality! Angered "tarecamon", decided, apparently, that it act out, immediately called a press conference where he mentioned that his country is in Africa between Mauritania and the French Sudan.

When he showed a map of where the most part of Teared is Algeria, a man turned to stone in place. In the end, the alien fell in Japanese madhouse. The mystery of a passport issued by an unknown country, and has not been solved. It is worth adding that in the specified location really live the Tuareg people. As you can see, the difference of only one letter, but existing in our reality Tuareg never had sovereignty. So who was this poor: crazy aliens from the future, where Tuareg will create their state or a parallel world, where the people of this achieved?

In 2000, the newspaper "Trud" from female readers get this email: "... One day my younger sister was going to walk out, and the keys't take, because my mother said that the house will be all day. She returns with her friend in two hours, knocking on the door. No one opened. She knocked again, rang the bell... tired of standing at the door, and they went for a walk. After another hour back - mom at home, not left, not sleep. And heard nothing. Neither the TV nor the tape has not been included. Jokingly, concluded that she was in another dimension, and there just at that time anybody was not at home.

The most interesting thing that happened then with me. Only it interesting. I came home, opened the door with keys (there was nobody home), threw bought on the way home journal, had dinner and ran to class. When evening came back, began to search the log and not finding, asked my mom and sisters. Nobody had seen him, and, as it turned out, they were at home all day and was worried that I did not come to dinner. These are travel to parallel worlds".

The research continues. The ideas and assumptions of science fiction writers in the genre of alternative history gradually come true. The science can't answer many questions of the universe, but the progress does not stand still. Therefore, every day we are increasingly closer to the secret of parallel worlds.

However, enough nuggets logical effort to collect all the accumulated facts about parametrach and to make a conclusion that the reasoning about alternate realities as sane as the conclusions on how to overcome the speed of light. And who knows, maybe the first jump humanity will not in the near galaxy, and in SOSestouy with us a parallel world.
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