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This neutron star with an eerie resemblance to the mask in the phantom was discovered space telescope NASA "Center". Pulsar Led has a diameter of about 12 km and rotates more than 11 times per second, faster than the blades of the helicopter.

It is located at a distance of about 1,000 light-years from Earth and is the remains of a massive star that exploded around 10,000 years ago and turned into a supernova.

During the rotation it spews charged particles, the speed of which is about 70% of the speed of light. It is also surrounded by clouds of hot gas that mysteriously form a kind of mask. A possible reason for this is that the vibrations of the neutron star are slightly distorted. This distortion may be due to the joint effect of rapid rotation and sudden increase in the fluctuations of the pulsar.

The rapid increase in the rate fluctuations of the pulsar can be caused by the interaction of superfluid cores with its bark.
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