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Земля исчезнет мгновенноIf neighboring measuring the Earth formed, or our physical laws do not apply, the result of a breakthrough in another space appears that the us simply does not exist

At the Large hadron Collider discovered the so-called "God particle", or the Higgs boson. Probably, now we find out, how did the universe emerged.

In July, CERN, was held a seminar, where were presented the latest results of the ATLAS and CMS experiments on the search for the Higgs particle. During both experiments was discovered particle with a mass of about 125-126 GeV.

As said by the participant of the CMS experiment Joe inkandela, the results are preliminary, but absolutely reliable: "We have indeed found a new particle. We also believe that it is a boson, and the most difficult of all is still found. The consequences of this discovery is very significant, so we should seriously treat our research and experiments on cross-control."

All darkness will become clear?

Research Director CERN Sergio Bertolucci said that now scientists have to do more detailed study of the data. The next step will be the precise definition of the nature of the detected particles and its importance for understanding the nature of our Universe, which will require a lot of time. It is not excluded that this is the Higgs boson - the last missing component in the Standard model. But perhaps it's something even more exotic. The "standard model" describes all known fundamental particles that make up our visible world, and the forces between them. Note that the visible world is only 4 percent of all the matter in the Universe, the remaining 96 percent is accounted for dark matter. It is assumed that the Higgs boson may be a bridge to understanding the nature of dark matter and the origin of the Universe.

Through time and measurement

These studies have a chance not only to help to solve one of the most interesting mysteries. Probably, in the near future we will be able to see dinosaurs and discuss the most effective military strategy with Napoleon. Russian scientists believe that the experiments humanity will become feasible create a time machine. Leaders of the group expressed the hypothesis that they discovered the boson name Higgs has an amazing ability to move in time.

This work is based on M-theory, which is considered a contender for the theory of occurrence around the world. She is able to explain all the main points of the universe and impact precise mathematical formula language and numbers. According to it, there are a dozen space-time dimensions.

According to scientists, the main question is not how much it is in the universe dimensions, and why we have available three, not four, or six, or nine. Researchers from Washington University together with colleagues from Harvard believe that found the answer to this question. From their point of view, at a time when the universe was just born and later, when expanded, formed a three - and seven-dimensional reality. "It's like solving mathematical problems," says Andreas Karkh, Professor at the University of Washington. - "May be multiple solutions of the same equation.

The assumption comes from the fact that in the beginning the Universe was only one dimension with multiple structures - membranes that existed in him and shared from one to nine, with none of these membranes do not overlap with others. According to scientists, then the universe evolved quite naturally and without spatial changes. And when the membrane expanded and were dissolved, almost untouched have two. One of them is our three-dimensional and one - seven-dimensional. Moreover, the laws of nature can in different worlds to act differently.

For example, such forces as electromagnetism manifest themselves only in a three-dimensional world and behave according to our laws of physics. But gravity is valid in all spatial dimensions, even in those which are inaccessible to us, explain physics. However, in other dimensions it can act differently, for example, its power will be different. "We know that there are people in our three dimensions.

But in this case, it would be logical to assume that there are people somewhere in the next membrane - seven-dimensional," says Lisa Randall. "But in other dimensions of life is hardly the same as we do. The fact that our measurement in some ways the most complex. The fundamental values we logical and balanced. In other dimensions, they are also present, but behaves differently. Therefore, one would assume that, for example, in a seven-dimensional world gravity is less effective than we, and many of the planetary system simply would not formed," says Professor Karkh. "In any case, the three-dimensional measurement is, in a sense, the Central".

Hole for all of us?

While scientists are studying the results of collisions of elementary particles, the public concerned, how long after such experiments will last our world. There is an opinion that because of such "shock", the formation of microscopic black holes. To rely on special radiation, leading to their evaporation, especially not worth it - experimental evidence that it does not. Why this innovation occurs and distrust. While many have imagined formed in Europe black hole grow and engulf the entire planet, to sound the alarm before the time is not worth it.

However, in the case of theory with extra spatial dimensions will be correct, we have not much time to have time to solve all their questions. After all, if neighboring measuring the Earth formed, or our physical laws do not apply, the result of a breakthrough in another space appears that the us simply does not exist. It is possible that the time there goes the other way. And in General, any experiment at colliders with rising levels of energy intensity, temperature and other parameters of the collision of the oft may be the last. The earth is just instantly disappear in man-made disaster in the powerful explosion of a large proton-electron bombs her for a moment in space and leaving in its orbit only asteroid belt.

Billions in the pipe

Anxiety, anxiety, and know the world is still needed. Therefore, in 2013, CERN plans to modernize the TANK with a more powerful detectors and increasing the overall capacity. Is planned the construction of the muon Collider is to explore deeper into the properties of the newly opened particles. Some experts CERN scientists and the US and Japan have proposed to start work on the new Very large hadron Collider. At the Joint Institute for nuclear research in Dubna in 2015 will start the unique heavy-ion Collider NICA, which will investigate the properties of super-dense nuclear matter. By this time will be created giant accelerator complex, based on after the upgrade will be already existing installation - Nuclotron, the heavy ion accelerator operating since 1993.

("Kursk news", Kursk)
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