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Пyтeшecтвиe к Ma??pcy - cкyчнoe зa??нятиePhysiologists found Ruili y of participants of the experiment "Ma pc-500" PA Denia aktivnosti or disruption of sleep , which progressiove whether during the simulation of the flight Kpa scurry PLA no.

The results of observations of a Meric nskij scientists (among a Vtorov only one representative of the Institute of biomedical problems PAH) published by the journalist Les Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and KRA rigid content can read this e ca on ITA x ScienceNow and Wired. Ha observation participant mi experiment was carried out with the help of specially selected for manual bra gatherings.

They fiksirovat whether aktivnosti man , his physical condition and the level of light in the room. Scientists found Ruili that aktivnosti volunteers c over time constantly PA da La . Participants of the experiment showed recognized Ki hypokinesia - engines were less hundred and pa were the escaped be light . Changed the train them biorhythms sleep by the end of the mission three of the six members of the coma, NDI Spa on whether cha c for longer than usual. According to m one of participants, Romaine Sha RLA (Romain Charles), quoted ScienceNow, co-time for him to become increasingly difficult for Nimes, through intellectual school activities (teaching in Russian), and ee for change game Counter-Strike.

Education fair changes in behavior dishes were only in the last 20 days of the experiment . B anticipation for the conclusion of isolation, participants of the experiment hundred Novelis to almost the same a active, as in cha Les missions. The basic experiment project "Ma pc-500" was held in Moscow from June 3, 2010 November 4, 2011 . The aim of the study was to study the physiological and psychological pea functions of prolonged isolation, I inevitable when flying to Ma pcy.
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