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Прогноз погоды для коричневого карликаUsing space telescopes "the Spitzer and Hubble group of astronomers was able to explore the turbulent atmosphere of the brown dwarf, and to create the most detailed "map weather" for this class subsidy objects.

Brown dwarfs are formed by condensation of gas as an ordinary star, but they do not have enough mass to start the fusion of hydrogen atoms and energy production. Because these objects are more like the gas giants with their complex and diverse atmosphere. The new study is the springboard towards a better understanding not only of brown dwarfs and planets outside the Solar system.

The study of the body with a long name 2MASSJ22282889-431026 showed that the light from him brightens and dims approximately every 90 minutes in accordance with the rotation dwarf. The most interesting thing was that the time frame brightness change depended on the wavelength infrared spectrum, which was used for observation.

This is a consequence of the fact that around a brown dwarf storm the size of the Earth are layers and spots of different material. Some wavelengths are blocked by water vapour and methane, located at a high altitude, and observations on other lengths allow to penetrate much deeper. "Unlike water clouds of Earth and ammonia clouds of Jupiter, the clouds on a brown dwarfs are hot sand, drops of liquid iron and other exotic connections," explains co-author mark Marley from the Research center NASA them. Ames. Note that the temperature of the investigated object is estimated at 600-700 C.

Scientists believe that they managed to get the hint large cloud like a giant version of the Great red Spot of Jupiter. It allows to understand the weather vertical: where in the depths of the atmosphere overcast and a lot of silicate vapor, to greater heights land, and Vice versa.
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