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На поверхности Луны замечены новые кратерыThe researchers found on the surface of the moon series of three mysterious craters. Experts, which follows the lunar surface, believe that the craters were formed within a few minutes, but as it happened I can not explain.

They think that maybe a strange education could be caused by a meteorite or a comet, or was it three separate effects occurring in a unique match.

"These three craters, located on 9,665 C, 7,646 ° E, apparently, has been more or less at the same time, within a few minutes," said the researchers. "South-West crater with a diameter of 180 m, Central crater is 150 m, and the crater of the North-East - 125 m in diameter".

"From the Central to the northeast crater and to the South-West from the Central crater - they cover about 450 m.

The team calculated that the blow fell for the trajectory of the East-North-East and probably hit the surface at a low angle.

"Morphology of craters shows that the South-West crater was formed first, and then the two others," said NASA researchers who analyze the data.

Why is it important to monitor the formation of craters on the moon?
There is in science is such a notion as the terrestrial planets. In addition to the Earth, Venus, Mars and mercury, scientists refer to them and the large satellites of planets. Including the moon. According to many researchers, all these heavenly bodies were developing and developed by the same laws. Only one had already "old"and others in "the Prime of life". Therefore, studying them in the mirror of time, to see the past and possibly future of our Land.

Ring structure craters found on Mars, the moons of Jupiter, the moon and in the Earth. Hence, we can draw a parallel between the earthly and the lunar rings. And maybe even link their location with storehouses of mineral resources. Or zones of seismic activity. And then the riddles of the moon will bring real benefit to humanity.
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