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Today,9 January in the 15.43 MSC will fly by the Earth asteroid Apophis

Asteroid Apophis, which is called the most serious cosmic threat to the Earth, today will approach our planet at a distance of about fourteen and a half million kilometers. By the standards of the Universe is not so much. But in 2029, according to scientists Apophis will fly only 36 thousand kilometers from the Earth, that is the orbit of geostationary satellites.

The asteroid was named ancient Egyptian God of the destroyer, who lives in the underground world and tries to destroy the Sun. There are several scenarios asteroid collision with the Earth. To get a more accurate calculations, to the heavenly stranger had planned to send automated research station. But so far behind the asteroid see only with the help of telescopes.

To separate our planet and space body is the distance of 14.46 million kilometers, RIA Novosti reports.

The 300-meter asteroid Apophis on present time is the most serious cosmic threat to the Earth. To meet our planet is still twice - in 2029 (Apophis will fit on dangerous 36 thousand kilometers) and in 2036-m - and then there can be a clash.
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