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Куда могут занести перемещения во времени?For the whole history of its existence and development of the human civilization has collected a large amount of evidence such thing as time travel. In the period of Board of pharaohs of Egypt and in the middle Ages, the first evidence of meetings with strange people, machines and mechanisms. Later, similar cases can be found in the period of the French revolution, and in the years of world wars.

In the world there are quite a number of places from time to time people disappear. After a long period of time they reappear, telling unusual and amazing stories about where they went...

In 1753 on the island of Sicily famous and respected urban residents craftsman Agordon, passing through the area, suddenly disappeared. Witness this was his family, and the owner of the castle. Were organized searches that have not yielded any result. After 22 years craftsman appeared exactly at the same place from which disappeared. Witnesses say that outwardly he practically has not changed. He told that suddenly appeared in a kind of a tunnel at the end of which saw a shimmering light and high strange creature, which said that Gordon got in a temporary fault, and that he will try to return back. Then he remembers nothing. Of course, after such stories he was placed in the local insane asylum for seven years. One day the priest asked to show him the place where it all happened. When Gordon was at the same place, and again disappeared, but no longer appeared.

In the archival records of the city Tobolsk for 1897 preserved the message that at the end of August there was arrested a certain Sergey D. Krapivin. The policeman seemed strange appearance and a little strange behavior of this old man. Bringing the detainee to the police station, the police were very surprised that told them Krapivin. According to him, he was born in 1965, and by profession he was an operator of personal computer, to Explain, how he got into the city, Krapivin failed, he just said he remembers a terrible headache, loss of consciousness. To corroborate this man was invited by the doctor who was diagnosed with a mild breakdown", and Krapivin was sent to the city madhouse.

Another, no less interesting evidence of time travel is the case Sevastopol seafarer Ivan Pavlovich Shalygina, which for 15 years was engaged in studying of the given question. A prerequisite for such interest was the incident that happened to the seafarer in 80-ies in Pacific waters. During the execution of a regular teaching job submarine, on which he was, was in a severe storm. The commander took the decision to surface. And almost immediately he was informed that straight course is an unknown boat. As it turned out, it was a Japanese submarine... the Second world war. During the inspection, sailor, was found in half-dead condition in the boat, were discovered documents dated September 1940.

All team members were forced to sign a subscription about nondisclosure of the incident in the next decade..

The fact of the strange disappearance of people was recorded in Kenya, where there is a small island called aborigines "Irrevocable". It is not inhabited, as all who dared to step on him mysteriously disappeared. In 1935 in Kenya has arrived English expedition, and two of its members went on the island. Two days later, reported that at the bottom of everything is fine, and then suddenly disappeared. The search gave no result, no people, no equipment had not been found. But to answer the question whether it was a temporary move, or something else, is not possible.

A very interesting fact there in the records Zalygina about one such case. During the battles for the liberation of Estonia in 1944 Soviet troops came across in a forest on the oddly-dressed group of troopers. They were all dressed in uniform, which Soviet soldiers were seen only in history textbooks. Seeing tanks, strange group ran away. Tankers were able to catch up with one of the troopers, who said that the men belonged to Napoleon's army. Nowadays the remnants of their regiment trying to find a way out of the encirclement, but a few days before they got into the thick fog and lost. When the man asked in what year he was born, he heard - 1772...the Next morning, the strange prisoner took staff of the special Department.

Sometimes these places in which mysteriously disappear people who are where the least you can expect. For example, in the American state of Connecticut in one of the towns there is an alley that has a bad name. Although its length is only 50 metres away, the Avenue is very similar to a tunnel. From time to time there are mysterious disappearance, when people come in there, but from the other end so no one appears.

Sometimes it happens that disappear are not individuals, but the whole family. So, for example, happened on the island Barsakelmes. During the work of the Soviet expedition with one of the groups is disconnected. Were organized searches a day for missing people have found. However, they were sure that was absent for a few hours, they mentioned the strange white fog, in which hit. Then the story with the movement turned into a joke, so until today, the issue of the temporary movement on the island remains open.

In 1987 in Hong Kong had a little boy, who claimed that he was from Ancient China. Evidence of that was enough - the boy had a good command of Chinese language, knew biography long dead famous people, well-oriented in the history of ancient China and Japan. Moreover, he knew much of what was known only to a narrow circle of scientists-historians. Dressed boy was in ancient Chinese clothes. How he got in modern Hong Kong remains a mystery. Scientists with distrust of his stories, but when got back with him to talk - they failed, because in 1988 the boy as suddenly disappeared.

There is a very long list of such phenomena. In the British Royal metapsychical community collected about two hundred of similar stories. From the past to the present was recorded more cases, but the journey from the present to the past had a more dramatic impact (at least this were the witnesses). The majority of those who managed to come back from the past, the rest of his life were spent either in a madhouse, or in custody. The part of people who came from the past, much more calmly reacted to the situation.

Scientists say that in most cases such time travel are irreversible, but some are still lucky enough to return. For the past two centuries, they cannot unravel the mystery of time travel, but some suggestions in this respect there.

Recently one of the Israeli scientists, Professor Institute of technology, Amos ori, proved the possibility of time travel. However, this is only theoretical knowledge. However, they can become the basis for that to be eligible to claim that it is theoretically possible to build a time machine. According to his mathematical calculations, to build a time machine that can travel through the ages, you have the strongest gravitational field. It also proves the necessity of giving the space-time structure of the form of a funnel, which will considerably facilitate the process of moving. Need same gravitational force, as a rule, are located near black holes. For the first time have started talking about them in the 18th century. The boundaries of black holes is called "event horizon". Any object that achieves this horizon, involved inside the hole, and it is clear that physical laws there no longer exist, and the coordinates of space and time are swapped. Thus, a movement smoothly into moving in time.

Despite these detailed calculations, the scientist himself recognizes that, in practice, to carry out his idea technically it is not yet possible. But if to take into account the pace of technological development, the implementation of his ideas will become quite real in a few decades.
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