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О контактах людей с "элонавтами"Currently recorded in the world for over 1000 messages "temporary" kidnappings in UFOs, including 30 in England, 20 - in Italy, 7 - in France and the basic amount in the USA, Canada and South America .

The most famous of them and deep enough investigated is the case of spouses hill, who is widely reported in the Western UFO literature.

In our country it was described in the papers "Youth of Estonia" (1968. 4 February), and "Donetsk working" (1968. February 13). Here's a quick recap.

In the night of September 20, 1961 wife Barney and Betty hill, who was riding in his car in the state of new Hampshire, noticed that their pursues a strange flying object in the form of a stick with two rows of Windows and strong spotlight. Then they heard strange sounds "bib-bib" , and what happened, they didn't remember. Woke up they are in a moving car a few hours and went on.

Upon arriving home, they began to torture the nightmarish dreams, and they were forced to go to the doctors. They didn't tell anyone about the incident, but their health deteriorated, and two years later they turned to the well-known psychiatrist Simon, who decided to treat their regressive hypnosis. And I saw the most amazing thing.

In the state of hypnosis, each spouse separately with exceptional detail told that after the sounds "bib-bib" motor their cars stalled. UFO has landed near the car, and got out six unknown creatures, like the people and dressed in black suits and pointed helmets.

These beings started a Hill, inside of the UFO and placed in different rooms, where they subjected them to various medical research: was performed on the body of the ligaments of the needles, injections, scrubbing the skin etc. And Betty said they showed her the map of the sky, which were inflicted 75 shining stars and the interstellar routes of flights. Then they were ordered to forget all that happened. They were awakened in his car by a new series of signals "bib-bib" .

Of course, Hillam then nobody believed. Although all attempts to catch them in a hoax by a repeated cross-questioning had no success.

Simon claimed that they had told the truth, so as to simulate pseudogenes before major specialists of practically impossible.

In 1964, during several sessions of regressive hypnosis Betty was able to restore in the memory shown her a star map, and it was placed in the Newspapers.

In 1969 astronomer Marjorie fish has Become reality check this map, based on the fact that it can be shown views of the stars of the planet, where arrived aliens. To this end, it has created a three-dimensional model of the location of all the stars within 33 light years of the Sun, and found that such a mutual arrangement of the stars could be only only if it is made from a planet near the star Zeta of Reticule included in the constellation of the Grid, where, apparently, and flew enlonavtami.

Subsequent verification by computer in the Centre for the study of UFOs, headed by Professor Achinskom, fully confirmed the correctness of calculations fish.

After that Hynek and a number of other American scientists came to the conclusion that the incident with Hilla could not be a hoax, moreover, that paralax several stars, marked on the map hill, became known to astronomers only five years after the publication of the map.

Indirect confirmation of the fact that this story could take place, has also been declassified in 1970, data from the U.S. air force, according to which 20 September 1961 on the radar screens Pease air force base in the state of new Hampshire were fixed landing and takeoff of an unknown object in the area of the incident with Hilla.

Great attention of the American press was also drawn to the case, reported in October 1973 in the town of Pascagoula (Mississippi) with two shipyard workers on which to build nuclear submarines. He looked as follows.

During the fishing two workers, hixon and Parker, he saw approaching him a strange egg-shaped object which shone blue light and uttering buzzing sound. The object was the size of about 5 x 2.5 M. It fell to a height of 1 m and began to fly over the water, and then hung in 13 metres from the pier, which was working.

At the end of it the door opened, and from it as if "floated" three strange creatures with the heads located directly on the trunk (without the neck), and hands like claws with ticks. They had big elephant legs without the feet, which had not moved, and were all pressed one to another. The strange creatures had pointed to the similarity of noses and ears, and instead mouths - fixed slit. The eyes of them were not, and the skin was wrinkled. They were grey adjacent clothes (Fig. 86).

Being, as if gliding through the air, closer to work, which was very scared, and Parker even lost consciousness. Two creatures picked up Hixson from under the hand raised in the air as if sauntered along with him in the object. This hixon felt that some force was fully paralyzed his will, he could not move any part of the body, although clearly took it.

Within the facility there were no seats, no any equipment, but it was very light. Hixon said that he kind of "sailed" there in a state of weightlessness. Aliens gave him a horizontal position abdomen down, then from the wall has been an unusual device the size of a basketball like eyes, and hung over Hixson when.

This unit began to move forward and backward along the body Hixson, apparently, carefully examining it. Then the aliens turned Hixson face up and gave him the angle of 45`, but the staff continued to examine him.

During the examination hixon tried to talk with these people, but they paid no attention to him. He had heard only, as they are periodically published sounds like the buzzing of a buzzer.

Then the aliens seems to be photographed Hixson and left him alone, and when he returned, he brought him out of the object and taken back to the pier. There was already Parker, of which, apparently, was dragged into the object unconscious and was also subjected to examination. Also gliding through the air, the aliens have returned to their object, after which he took off. Total stay working inside the ship was 20-40 minutes.

When hixon and Parker told this story in a police station, they at first, of course, no one believed it, though they looked exhausted and cried with excitement, and Parker in the first night was twice fallen into a state of shock. After cross-questioning at the police station they were sent for medical examination in the hospital base, Paul, after which the chief doctor said that hixon and Parker had experienced a very strong shock, and he was sure that they don't lie and not looking for popularity.

Personal participation in the investigation of this incident took Professor Hynek and harder, which was subjected Hixson and Parker hypnosis and examined with the help of a lie detector. No evidence that workers invented this story, could not be obtained. After that they have for some time had severe headaches and nightmares.

During investigation it was found out that three other witnesses, who was riding in a car, and the owner of the petrol station is also seen at this time flying in the area Pascagoula something strange glowing object.

At a press conference on this occasion Professor Hynek said: "the Incident in Pascagoula one of the most dramatic of 800 described contacts with aliens. I have no doubt that these two people have experienced something horrible and they absolutely honest people. With them was held some fantastic experiment, and it was in reality. To play such a feeling of horror under hypnosis impossible" .

The following case is described in detail in the American "Encyclopedia UFO" . It happened in August 1975 about the airbase Hollman (new Mexico) with Sergeant of the air force Charles Moody and was accompanied by a temporary loss of memory from an eyewitness.

When Moody night went by car to the desert, before it suddenly appeared disc-shaped object with a diameter of about 15 m and a height of 6 m with three fields at the bottom. Frightened Moody jumped in my car and tried to start it, but the engine was not working. And UFO approached the car and stopped in 15 m from it. Then Moody heard someone high voice, and the object appeared lighted rectangle, which were seen some vague shape. Then the car was surrounded by a strange glow, and Moody felt that he was losing consciousness. Then this feeling disappeared, and he saw that she was sitting in the car and looks at the flying object that instantly disappeared. Then Moody started the car and drove home, where he realized that between the appearance and disappearance of UFO was 1 hour 20 minutes

In the following days Moody tried to remember what had happened to him during that period of time, and gradually he recovered his memory.

Moody told: "When the car was surrounded by the glow to it, sliding, approached two beings from UFO. They laid hands on the door, as if he wished to open. Although I was scared to death, I with all my might opened the door, which was hit by one of the creatures. And I got out of the car and struck his hand into the face of another creature, after which it fell, and the light in my eyes grew dim.

Having regained consciousness, I saw that lie on a solid table and alien creature studying me. HeRep it was a third more human, and there was no hair and no eyebrows. His eyes were round, and look very poignant. Ears, nose and mouth were smaller than humans, and her lips are very thin. The creature was a growth of 1.5 mi looked very fragile. He had on a tight white suit.

Then the creature asked me in English without moving her lips, well if I feel and never will I fight? And when I assured them that I will not, it touched me with a metal stick, after which I immediately took control over his body and stopped being afraid. Then it is being helped me to get down from the table.

I was all clean room, similar to the operating room, in which were three recoverable door.

Wanting to learn, how to fly this ship, I asked to see his motor system. To my surprise, they agreed, and we went into another room, which was of such size as the entire ship. The impression was that inside he was more than the outside.

In the second room there were three beings, and was visible flat panel with hooks, and before it two seats for crew members. Then we got down to the room that was under it. In it from the floor was given top transparent spheres, which I have seen under the bottom of the ship. Inside, they were seen large crystals, which On every face was on the terminal.

When I asked to explain how this engine works, I was given a: "don't try to understand. If we think a little, it will be able to invent and your people". Then I explained that it was a patrol boat arrived from the master of the ship, which is much bigger and is now in space. Then it was said that initially they planned only limited contact with humanity for further study. When aliens are afraid for their lives, for their ship may be destroyed by a nuclear missiles.

Then the creature hugged me and said that it never hurt me, and that I for some time will lose memory, and then I again blacking out. And then I was in his car and watched the departing ship".

The next day he felt a burning sensation at the base of the spine, and his wife found a strange square wound, and after a few days on his body there were red spots, he started to go bald, and began frequent headaches.

Moody undergone a thorough check on a polygraph, and his mental stability was checked by psychiatrists air force, which did not deviate.

Chiefs Moody described him as an exceptionally honest man. Himself Moody within a few months she hid this story, and only reporters managed to talk to him.

And that's what was told to Polish Newspapers and magazines in 1978, and our "Building newspaper" (1988. 6 August).

In may 1978, 71-year-old farmer Jan Volsky from the village of Imilchin Lublin province met in the forest two human-like beings growth not higher than 1.5 m, dressed in black overalls. They were slanting eyes and black teeth, and the skin on their faces and arms green.

Strangers were talking very fast in a strange language. They sat down on a cart Wolski, and then motioned him to stop hanging around at the height of 2-3 m above the ground unknown rectangular object size 3 x 5 m and a height of 2 - ,5 m On the surface there were no seams, no rivets, and from the tabs on the four sides sticking out of screw terminals length of 1 - 1.5 m, reminiscent of the rotating part of the grinder. These cores were rotated at high speed, producing a buzz.

Then the sheet metal object curled up into a roll and opened the hatch, which went down the stairs. Strangers gestures made Wolski enter the object, where there were two crew members who ate something like pasta. They offered Volska, but he refused. The walls of the object inside were smooth and black. At the top there was the likeness of a lantern, and on the floor a dozen benches and several stationary birds.

The aliens told Volska to undress and turned him from all sides, examining or photographing it using any device, similar to two plates. They smote of them about one another. After that Volska were allowed to leave.

Returning home, he told everything to the relatives, but, when the people came to a clearing where there is a strange story, the object was gone. On the grass were only traces and imprints of little feet on the wet ground.

The villagers heard the rumble during takeoff UFO, and six-year-old boy saw flying object, similar to the bus.

Medical and psychological research Wolski showed that there was no reason to ascribe to him hallucinations, and to invent such a story semi-literate peasant just couldn't, especially since he didn't even have books, he did not read Newspapers and up to this case had no clue about UFOs or humanoids.

Exhausted endless questions of journalists and researchers, Volsky wrote to his father a letter in which he swore in the name of God, that all of this had really happened.

Polish ufologist Samana (Bolar), detail investigated this event, said that they did not find the slightest clues, which would allow to doubt the veracity of the testimony Wolski.

Even more amazing story connected with the stay of a person in UFOs, in detail, on 12 pages, described in the published book Hefling "All the miracles in one book" .

It happened in October, 1957 in Brazil with a young farmer Vilas Boas, of which three little unknown being hustled landed in egg-shaped UFO and have done over him a series of experiments, after which he had to enter into an intimate relationship with a strange and attractive woman.

But, maybe all the fantastic adventures of Vilas Boas was a figment of his imagination? The possibility of such findings refute thorough medical research Boas, showing that he, apparently, were subjected to severe radiation exposure, for in a few months he was manifested symptoms similar to radiation sickness. Living in Rio de Janeiro doctor Buhler said: "I Have not the slightest doubt that it actually happened."

As the following case described in the American "Encyclopedia UFO", the members of UFO crew used against captured people cruel, violent actions.

In January 1976, three the resident of the city liberty, Kentucky) Louise Smith, 44 years old, Mona Stafford, 30 years and Elaine Thomas, 48 years old, drove home of the guests. Suddenly about Stanford they saw a disc-shaped UFO with a shining dome in the middle part of which was a set of rotating red lights. From the bottom of the object went out of the blue beam, then the object was behind the machine and gave the ray. All three women felt a burning sensation in the eyes and sharp headache, and then felt some force pulls their car back, and lost consciousness. When they came to their senses, it turned out that they were transported to Hustonville, and since UFO sightings without them it took 1 hour and 25 minutes On their faces and the hands they felt a painful burning sensation. Later, under hypnosis, each of them separately said that they were subjected to forced medical examination, causing them pain.

Louise Smith told that she was placed in a dark room and covered my face. She asked me to open her eyes, but when it was done, she saw something terrible. Under hypnosis she kept saying: "I'm so weak, I want to die" .

Monet Stafford remembered that she was lying in a room like operating, and around it sat 3-4 figure in white gowns, and surgical masks. It seemed to her that she was paralyzed, and had seen watching her big "eye" . She had the impression that her right hand to something snapped, and the fingers of the left hand her something is squeezing. In addition, her straight back left leg so that she could feel the pain in his ankle and foot. Her belly swelled as Vostochy ball, in the eyes felt a sharp pain. "I can't!"

she cried under hypnosis. For some time, Mona Stafford had a feeling that she is outside his body. Then her kakbudto transported through a long tunnel. After the session she was crying and moaning.

Elaine Thomas recalled that it was put on the table in some dark room, and it also observed humanoids growth of about 1,2 m On the left side of her breast was the subject of the size of a bullet, and she felt the pain in this place. Around her neck was something like a bus, and when she tried to speak or think, this bus was delayed, and gave them the feeling of shock. She thought over her experiment to study her psyche. Talking about it is under hypnosis, Elaine Thomas gasped and shouted: "They won't let me breathe!".

All women have checked also lie-detector and each was given an opportunity to be present at the re-hypnosis other two.

After this incident, all women on the neck remained on the red spot, as from the burn. The fact that reproduced in a separate regression hypnosis experiences of three women for the same period of time was very similar (and, incidentally, was represented them in a negative light), excludes the possibility of the preliminary collusion and increases the degree of credibility of the testimony.

The investigation of this case, police officers and doctors have the confidence that women really believe in the experience.
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