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«Астральный антимир или случай пророческого сновидения»Dreamt I was in a hotel in the city of Arkhangelsk. I awake there never was. Yes and the dream was it the first time. Neither in reality nor in Navi I had no circumstances and things that would be connected with Arkhangelsk.

And even I was slightly surprised, remember: why would it Arkhangelsk? But he knew that it was he - or rather, a little place under it, - though it was not clear where, as in a dream happen.

I was in the hotel lobby, he had a glass wall, and before me was a beautiful panorama of the bend of a large river. (It was probably the Northern Dvina. In the dream never thought about it, and upon awakening surfaced in memory: this is the only river of those places that could be like I've ever seen.) The opposite Bank was low, gray and disappearing into the distance. And the sky above the river - light gray. And white water... From the sight was impossible to tear my eyes! Although the watch had through several steamy glass hall, conceal details.

I wanted to come out, that the eyes have not seen absolutely no interference. In front of the hotel was discovered fenced terrace. Around it was a slope, rugged all the ravines and covered with snow. Not quite white, however, and with a subtle touch of grey - snow very early spring. And it ran narrow paths. Anyone at them was not.

Suddenly I realized that one of the paths quickly moves a certain creature. Have not seen. And not defined hearing. I have established a kind of feeling that happens in a dream. And, I must say, bezotosnyi five here.

Sixth sense told me and the size of the beast: approximately wolf. On envelope terrace path he ran up. And I watched his path eyes, not seeing. (So we look in the direction of the sound source. But only here leader was not a rumor, it's "the sixth sense".)

Invisible was the beast not entirely, however, as I noticed this a moment later. Short black stripe is directed parallel to the movement of his, was visible, moving above the snow.

He disappeared from sight, climbing somewhere above. Perhaps this subsequent events that took place in dreams, were the cause of prudent escape it.

I also wanted to take a walk on the paths. I went to a considerable distance from the hotel, down closer to the river. It suddenly began storm. Milky-white water changed to dark gray. Huge deprived of the foam of the waves went zigzagging from the shore to shore. Jet river was stibelis, twisting temporary craters, and vents, they were carried by a stream...

Suddenly I noticed a complex subject that the current bearing with almost unimaginable speed. With this, which may be only at the waters of small mountain rivers. (And, by the way, the direction of movement of the subject and water jets allowed to conclude: this river is also the right Bank was high and steep, while the left sloping - as is the river of consciousness.) When the subject is brought close enough that I was able to consider it in detail, I realized that in front of me floating pier that is picked over. Rectangular form, with a white canopy. And tied the boat is a small orange.

And the boat was moving people. He untied her and tried to reach the shore, from which I was looking. He almost succeeded, but the boat suddenly tipped over and immediately turned over. She and whoever it was, disappeared over the ledge of the cliff, taken over.

I have seen, I have no way to go down to the water, because abandoning this was tall and very steep. Then I decided to return to the hotel and to tell them what happened. Maybe there are a means to communicate with those who can help.

Rising to the place where the coastal slope obliquely across the ravine, I saw rush moving from upstream nightmare hurricane. Yet the air was quiet around me, but there, above, he was hurrying the river wave, standing by the tumour. And with banks swept the snow. I saw exposed last year's faded grass. As if folded huge white carpet, rapidly... I thought this wind will easily blow away me from the slope like a feather.

I was lucky: I had to go down to the canyon floor for his coming. And there I felt the power of the wind, but the danger was gone.

But the storm let me cross over to the other side of the ravine. The pressure did not leave any chance to climb up - I felt pressed to the bottom. And yet something was trying to do, moving even along, if I do not get up. And suddenly felt the support.

In the ravine was dark when over him went hurricane, and not once I have considered that represents this support. It was a boardwalk - likeness very long ship's ladder - laid from the bottom of the ravine up to its edges. Along the entire length of the deck mounted were wooden brackets. Their succession reminded stage fire escape. I began to rise slowly, stepping on him and grabbing his hands.

The tree had a beautiful silver hue. So it is and always look wooden structures of the North, if they are exposed for long periods to wet wind. And the wind at the top did not abate, by the way, and the strength of its continued development.

But despite that, I moved up. And I realized that, definitely be able to get using this structure. And somehow suddenly occurred knowledge, rigid: in this success made some very significant victory!

And from this knowledge I woke up.

The most interesting thing: in the morning of that day I learned that we had, suddenly, a new business partner. But only, as it was sent to me, far away... in Arkhangelsk.

I repeat: not one time to this case this city did not appear on my horizon in any way. But now, indicated in the dream clearly as the place of action - immediately he revealed reality. Sleep more evident and is fast emerging as prophetic, I have never seen. What can in this sense be said about the events? Not conclude whether they themselves got what prophecy? About this information to me yet. Perhaps it will provide future. Then I recorded these events in detail.

The hypothesis, which is held in high esteem in the mystical circles already several centuries: the events that take place on earth, are formed on the astral plane. Above us nedstat a world - "thin"as it is sometimes called - and condense the image matrix. They descend from it on the ground, that is in this world, where compacted and materialized. Human history is only a series of similar implementations.

Recently an interesting addition to this scheme has made American novelist Stephen king. He postulated the existence of some of the world lower than ours. There already accomplished in our resultname gradually, until it disappears completely. A sort of world-cleaner, district mystical vultures, astral recovery... And the result is a scheme that offers seers, acquired symmetry.

King expressed this idea astral, so to speak, of the antiworld story "Langolier". In 1995 it was filmed. There is the following story: a few people from our world accidentally fall into this Kingdom decay and finds it resembles hell... a Similar idea was used by Ivan Turgenev back in 1878. It is given to a concentrated and very clearly in his poem in prose, named: "the end of the world. Sleep."

That's it, that it was a dream Turgenev. Here and the RUB. Probably the reader already born question: we discuss the case prophesying dreams; what is more about the structure of the astral world and about the interaction of it with our? The answer is clear if we remember one of the hypotheses of the mystics. Which dreams are considered trips made in the astral world. Adding this opinion together with what was said above, we can see from our dreams really can know the future.

But why, then, prophesy of them not all? Causes at least two. Not every dream is a healing journey. Of the same, what they are, a big share belongs probably excursions in the astral antiworld, where, of course, is not very material for prophecies.

There are many stories dreamers wandering through the deserted expanses where things seemed to run out of steam. All print decay and corruption... Probably all obstoyatel and clearly described this sector continue being Andrey Lazarchuk. In his novel "Tranquillium" she called Dusty World. There are other indications that the astral antiworld, outdoor Ivan Turgenev during one of his dreamlike travel long as already won himself a dedicated and meticulous researchers.

But to return to the prophecies that can be received in dreams. On the Russian land has always treated so seriously. They were composed of tradition. I happened to hear one of them in Tersky in 1997. We stayed there for the night before climbing to Elbrus. And now, for the evening meals were talking about antiquities of the mountain of this region. And among other things, the lady of the house, Kazachka, told us the legend about Beloyarov sleep.

Beads (IV century A.D.), Prince of the ancient family of Beloyarov received wonderful dreams at the age of 12. He saw a Man with hands and face was beaming lights, dressed in white. And Beloyar knew that he sees before him the Son of Svarog, Heavenly. Who was begotten before all the people and gods.[?] And her Husband said to Belaru: "you will repeat My way".

Sleep was told the Magi, and remembered that twenty thousand years ago Svarog appeared ancestor of the Russians Aria and predicted the coming incarnation of his Son, and commanded russam to serve him.[?] And remembered that four centuries ago passed the lands of Ruskolan divinely inspired man by the name of Andrew and taught that the incarnation was accomplished, and called to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ talked about, basically all that is ancient history foretold about the pagan gods.

"You will repeat My way", was heard in a dream Prince, and that's what has happen to him. Beads has converted to Christianity in the waters of Nary river, as Jesus in the Jordan. Beads professed God, the Triune God - the Great Triglav or, as we say now the Holy Trinity and called this teaching By the Government. He not only did not punish the veneration of the Vedic gods, but fervently supported him. Beads believed Christianity the performance is not the old Testament, but much more ancient Vedic prophecies. He increased the size of the Principality of her so that stretched it to the land of Altai, the Caucasus and Dnieper. And everywhere glorified Christians. And the fame about the deeds of Beloyar came to St. John Chrysostom, wrote in those years: "the Scythians (Russa) and Sarmatians, translating the Holy Scriptures each in their own language, philosophizing about these words".

Beads Beloyar appeared to Ruskolan that Constantine the Great - to Byzantium.[?] The scales were not less. And this is exactly like his illustrious contemporary - Bus did not departed from the faith of their ancestors. On the contrary, it was then that he received the highest degree of Vedic empowerment: became Pobedom. And in this newly found predicted destiny. King and high Priest disciples called because Christ Himself, adding: the high Priest not after the order Aaronic (the Jews), but in the order of Melchisedek (ausazkoa, i.e. drevnekitaiskogo), as can be seen, for example, in the Epistle of Paul the Apostle To the Hebrews" (Heb, 7:11).

And so what was the outcome of the earthly life of this world ruler, whose exploits have surpassed Konstantinovy and even the legendary king Arthur (also a contemporary of the bus). On Ruskolan in the year 368 went to war with the Amal Vinitaly, barbarian. In the first clash of Beads his army crushed. And Finitary vowed to avenge him terribly and, having collected a new, managed this time to win. And took the bus into captivity. And delivered him to cruel punishment: the crucifixion. "You will repeat My way"... the Legend says that the disciples of Beloyar seen even its transformation of the White mountain (Elbrus), just as he was transfigured Christ on mount Tabor.

There are other stories about prophesying dreams that came from the depths of antiquity. One of these was "the Word about Igor's regiment". Full of bizarre characters dreaming of the great Prince Svyatoslav learns about the disaster that will befall the earth Russian. Prophesying sleep - and ominous - visited Duke Small, and these were embodied in the "Chronicle of Pereslavl Suzdal".

Detailed descriptions of prophetic dreams that were Holy, as thin and ordinary night, contains every Orthodox Christian otechnik (Paterikon). And today believers are saved by what he saw in a dream a serious attitude. One of the songs by hieromonk Roman, our contemporary, begins, as you know: "I had the Dream is a Very strange dream"...

What explains this belief in dreams, which is present throughout the millennia-long history? Probably, the fact that they come true. And many people of all ages could tell cases, like me, are described in the beginning. And it would probably is in this light - serious approach to the description of prophetic dreams, prophesying about the formation in Russia of the third Royal dynasty, messages about which recently appeared frequently on the Internet.
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