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onua.org » News » The second wave will hit the U.S. after webrover \"Nossiter\" fall upon US East coast
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Вторая волна ударит по США после выборов.Шторм "Носистер" обрушится на Восточное побережье СШАThe national weather service of the USA has warned residents of the Atlantic coast about a new disaster. Storm "Nossiter" will fall on the East coast of the country and, in particular, will hit new York and new Jersey, the inhabitants of which are still recovering after the storm "sandy", reports CBS.

David Bernard, senior meteorologist in Miami, explained that the storm will increase off the coast of South Carolina, then heading North, and on the 7th of November will reach new Jersey. In Pennsylvania and new York in connection with a storm meteorologists expect precipitation in the form of wet snow. Under forecasts of weather services, the speed of wind gusts could reach 80 km/h, heavy rains, which will lead to flooding in some areas. Bad weather will continue until November 9.

"The new storm will not be as strong as "sandy", but its intensity will be enough to prevent the course of restoration works after the previous natural disasters. In addition, a strong wind can knock down those trees which had already suffered during "sandy" - leads "Ridus" words Johanna Robinson, an employee of the National meteorological service.

Meanwhile in new York and new Jersey, which suffered the greatest losses from hurricane "sandy", distributing blankets and call for the night to go to the shelters, writes RBC. In addition, local residents are recommended to stock up on food in order not to leave the house on Wednesday.

Recall, hurricane "sandy" hit the East coast States in the night of 29 to 30 October. Most of all the disaster suffered the new Jersey and new York. According to the latest data, the number of victims of the hurricane was over 100 people. Liquidation of its consequences is still ongoing.

At the moment, after "sandy" approximately 1.1 million residential and office buildings remain without power, reports the Russian service of the BBC. Most of the dead buildings are in new York and new Jersey, who took the main blow on itself.
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